You will need
  • - passport;
  • contract for opening a Bank account.
To begin to understand the difference between a Bank card and number of card accounts. The card number is open, because it is usually placed on the front side. The number of the card account is confidential and available only to the owner. Usually it is specified in the agreement on opening a card account concluded between the client and the Bank.
Consider front side of your Bank card. On it you will see sixteen-digit number. It can be divided into four groups of digits (four in each group) or two groups of eight digits. Meet credit card, which number is eighteen digits. The specified numeric combination is required your credit card number.
When using the card please note that upon expiry of the card or its loss, the card number changes, then the newly issued card is attached to the old Bank account. Therefore, the changed data make in his notebook, erasing the previous number.
To know the card number, card account number and other details of your card, contact the Bank office where he was issued the card. It may be necessary in the event of loss of the card or, if necessary, to remit her money.
Come into the office and present your card, and in case of its absence, your passport. Ask to print out the details for the transfer of money to the account.
You can also do without a personal visit to the Bank. To do this, send a request to receive credit card details by email Bank branch located in your region. In the message please include your installation details and number of the branch where the card was opened.
Also take advantage of opportunities hotline, which have large banks, for example Sberbank. Please call the number listed on the website of the Bank phone and ask them to provide you with the details of your card, including its number and the account number. You will require to call a code word, indicated during card issue.