To see how the number of the card of Sberbank, it is necessary to look at its face. Usually these numbers are shown on the map in the following format: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Card number can contain from fifteen to nineteen characters, it depends on the type of release, for example, if the card is optional. There are times when information is not complete and only the first four or the last four digits.

What is the card number?

The first character denotes the type of payment system, for example, the VISA cards will be numbered with the number four. The first six digits together indicate the ID of the issuing Bank (BIN). Figures from the seventh to the fifteenth carry information about what a card (debit or credit), in any currency issued in what city and much more. The sixteenth sign is the verification. There is a certain algorithm, which calculates the number and the last digit is the key to being "right" if he, and not whether the card is a fake.

What is the card number differs from the number of the card account?

Card account dvadtsatiletnej and usually begins with the digits: "40817", it is the same throughout the duration of the service contract. During the time of a contract can be issued multiple cards, each tied to a Bank account, the old one is blocked.

The card number and her Bank account needs the user to provide their details for the transfer of remittances and miscellaneous income. If the translation will be carried out in the ATM or through a personal account Sberbank online, simply provide the payer only the card number and name and surname of the recipient.

For salary, the employer will need to inform the account details of a Bank card: Bank's BIC, correspondent account of the Bank, the INN of the recipient and the card account.

How to check the card of the savings Bank, if it is not read, is not applied completely?

In this case, the desired data can be obtained in the following way:
• calling in support of Sberbank;
• posets my personal Bank with your passport;
• looking at the right information in the leaflet, which is issued at the Bank upon its issuance;
• watching the data via Sberbank online.

Do I need to know the number of cards in case of theft or loss?

It is desirable to retain all the details of your card and know the phone service free support of Sberbank (8-800 555 5550). This information will be useful to you in case of theft or loss of plastic.

To lock the phone enough to know their passport details and the code word that the user invents at the time of conclusion of the contract on the maintenance of Bank accounts.

If the code word does not remember, block your card at the place of opening, it is necessary to be a Bank, with passport and write the application. The lock can be realized through a personal online account or using the service "Mobile Bank", if you are registered for these services.