Very often, the Commission payment transactions a person needs to know not only the number of your card savings Bank, and account number. It represents an account that is used by the Bank to account for all money transactions by the client.

To find the number of your checking account, you need to find an envelope in which you issued your card. It contains not only numbers, but also the number. He is listed in the column located after the personal information about the client.

In addition, you can walk into a Bank and ask for the number of your checking account at workers savings. Don't forget to bring your passport.

You can also call the hotline of this organization, to give his surname, name and patronymic of the control word, and then the operator will dictate the number consisting of twenty numbers. This will be the number of your checking account. Calls to the number 8-800-555-55-50 across Russia free of charge.

Now, some people use the "Sberbank Online". There is a view that information about the current account can be found on the official website of the Bank, but this opinion is erroneous. This feature allows the user to manage personal finances, make a payment transaction to transfer money from card to card. There you can activate the function of "Thank you from Sberbank". But the number of your current account you know I can not.