You will need
  • old flared jeans;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • - colored chalk or pencil;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - a pair of scissors.
If you already have a pair of trousers-skinny, use them as a template. Turn both pairs inside out. Place old jeans on a flat surface and carefully flatten them. To narrow leg denim pants have side inseam as signature stitching, they are usually stitched on the outside. Attach the template to the leg, align the seams and slide the opposite end of the prominent line by using colored chalk or soft pencil. This line will be a new inseam.
If the template you have at hand no, put it on inside-out jeans on yourself. Kill the leg along the inside seam to the desired width of dressmaker pins. Independent remake of the old jeans, especially performed for the first time can be difficult. In this case, ask a friend to help you.
Take off your pants. Draw a chalk line at the location of the pins and keen on manually with small stitches so that the fabric does not shift when pretrazivanje on the sewing machine. Then remove the pins.
Try on your jeans again. To turn them you do not want the excess tissue not interfere. Try to walk poprisedat, jump. Fashion jeansskinny should sit tight enough but still be comfortable and not interfere with movements. If necessary, correct the position of the inner seam and keen again.
Prostrochite both legs along the basting. Inner stitching should be invisible, so try to pick a thread color that closely matches the color of the denim fabric. Remove the basting and trim the excess fabric with sharp scissors at a distance of 1-1,5 cm from the seam. To cut not mahalsa, treat it by hand buttonhole stitch (or overlock). Turn on the front side. Your revamped jeansskinny ready.