Applique. You do not need to possess certain skills. To use a modern application is easy, thanks to the special adhesive tape, just heat exposure and selected the picture, after 1-2 minutes, it will appear on your jacket. A wide range of presented in any specialized shop, will not leave you indifferent!
Rhinestones, beads. Bright, bright, luxurious – it can be described as decorations of beads and crystals. Jacket decorated in such a way, you can appear like a big party, and to output a walk with the whole family. A little bit of perseverance, accuracy, and your coat ready for a walk!
Embroidery. You'll need basic skills in the art of needlework. Rococo stitches, smooth surface and others, should not be new to you words. Need more than one day, to decorate your denim jacket this way. It is necessary to consider the material, denim is also soft and hard. Maybe you shouldn't start doing the drawing technique of stitching, if the fabric is stiff, consider other options where you don't need to work with a needle.
Jewelry. The finished jewelry is now sold in almost every store. To choose by colour, price and special preferences, can be anyone. Finished brooches, locks and badges, perfect for decorating your denim jacket.