Recipe for raspberry wine

You will need:

three kilograms of raspberries;

- three liters of water;

three kilograms of sugar.

Sort through the raspberries and chop them with a blender. Take three quarts of water, pour it in a pan, add all the prepared sugar and put on fire. Heat the mixture to 60-70 degrees (the sugar must dissolve), then cool to 20 degrees and place it in a previously prepared raspberry puree.

All mix thoroughly, cover the pan with a lid and place the container in a dark warm place for five days. Over time, blend, strain and pour into clean, dry bottles, close them with corks (stoppers preferably after a few hours of soaking in wine). Keep the stuff that you need in a cool place.

Wine recipe of raspberry jam

You will need:

- three liters of water;

- a liter of raspberry jam;

- Cup of raisins.

Boil water, cool it to 35-40 degrees and mix with raspberry jam and raisins. The resulting mass pour into a bottle, the neck of the bottle pull the usual rubber glove (medical, can be purchased at any pharmacy) and put the wine about 25-30 days in a dark place.

As soon as fermentation ends (rubber glove blown away, the contents of the bottle will become less turbid), pour the wine into another pre-made bottle, close it with a lid and let stand in a cool place for three days. The wine pour into a clean container (carefully, so as not to affect the sediment), close the tubes and store in a dark cool place.

Recipe for homemade raspberry wine

You will need:

three kilograms of raspberries;

- 200 grams of sugar;

- two liters of water;

- 200 ml of alcohol.

Raspberries go through and, without washing it, pour a liter of water, add sugar and stir. Squeeze the mixture juice, and the remaining mass pour the remaining water, leave for a few hours, and then again squeeze the juice. The resulting juice mix with the previous one, pour it in a bottle and put in a warm place for 10 days.

Over time the strain drink, try to taste and, if required, add sugar and again leave in a warm place until the end of fermentation (to understand that fermentation is over it is easy, by this time, the foam on the surface disappears, the wine becomes more transparent). Add to wine alcohol, stir, pour into clean bottles and close them with corks.

A simple recipe for raspberry wine

You will need:

three kilograms of raspberries;

- 500 grams of sand;

- liter of water;

- 10 grams of yeast;

- 100 ml vodka.

Ripe berries sort raspberries, cover with water, mash, squeeze the juice and pour it into the pan. A container of juice put it on a slow fire, add sugar and simmer 15 minutes, stirring constantly and, if necessary, removing the foam.

Let the mixture cool, pour into bottle, add the yeast and set to ferment. After a week top up with vodka and tightly close lid. For best flavor wine should brew for three to four months.