You will need
  • - 1.5 kilograms of berries selected;
  • - 1 kilogram of sugar;
  • - 1.5 liters of purified drinking water.
The berries carefully go through among them should not come across any rotten or moldy, as this can ruin the quality of the wine. But washing them is not necessary, it is not even desirable, unless they are covered with earth or dust, as the surface is beneficial bacteria, which help fermentation.
Ripe fresh berries, crush in a bowl or scroll through a meat grinder and place in a large glass jar or wooden barrel.
Water bring to a boil and dissolve in it the sugar to make sugar syrup. A half fluid pour the berry mass, mix well and leave in a warm place for fermentation.
The contents of the jar daily and stir 2-3 times in order to prevent the appearance of mold, and the entire mixture began to turn into vinegar. After 4-5 days pour wine raw material the second half of the syrup and leave to ferment for another 2-3 days. Remember that the capacity for wine cannot be filled with wort to the top, otherwise the wine during fermentation will begin to overflow.
After about 8 days, strain the wine, separating it from the pulp and seeds, pour the liquid into another bottle with a narrow neck and close it with a special tube. In this tube there should be a hole inserted in the center tube. The other end of the tube dip into a glass of water.
In this state, the wine is left for about 5-6 weeks until until it becomes transparent, and the whole residue will not fall down. When this happens, very gently pour the drink bottles, trying to not fell the precipitate, the bottles firmly cap the tubes.
To resist the wine in the bottle should be at least two months at temperatures 10-12 ° C, after which it can bring to the table.