Advice 1: How to shred candied jam

Candied is jam, in which the sugar crystals. This happens due to the fact that in a jam put a lot of sugar or is it made out of fruits and berries with low acidity.
How to shred candied jam

Wine from sugar jam

Jam has too much sugar, you can cook a delicious dessert wine. For this you will need:
1 litre of jam;
- 1 liter of water;
- 50 g raisins.

For wine, take a three-liter bottle, thoroughly rinse it with water with baking soda and rinse with boiling water. Pour it in the jam, add the raisins and pour the cooled boiled water.
Candied jam can melt in a water bath or in the microwave.

From the folded two layer piece of gauze and wool make cork and close the bottle. To close the receptacle so that there is not the slightest gap.

The bottle should be placed in such a place that it does not get direct sunlight. In 10-13 days, the pulp of the raisins and the fruit will rise to the top. Now you should strain the liquid, wash the bottle and pour into it the strained wort.

Capacity with the future wine needs to wear a rubber glove. Due to the gas which is formed in the process of making a drink, she gets up. The bottle needs to be put in a dark place, when the glove falls, the wine will need to strain and bottle. They should be removed to a dark place, enjoy a drink in a month.

Pie with candied jam

Another option processing of candied jam is to use it as a filling. To make crumbly pie, you'll need:
- 200 g of butter;
- 200 g of sugar;
- 3 eggs;
- pinch of vanilla;
- 1 teaspoon baking powder for the test;
- 400 g flour;
- 400-500 g jam seedless.

Oil whisk with sugar and vanilla, add to egg mixture and whisk again. Now connect it with flour and knead the dough. Divide it into two parts. One put in the freezer, and the second roll and place on a baking sheet. On top of the dough spread the jam, from the freezer, remove second piece of dough and RUB it through a coarse grater on top, gently flatten and place in preheated oven. Bake the pie at 180 ° C until Golden brown.
If we dilute the candied jam cooled boiled water, you can get a nice sweet drink.

Cupcake of candied jam

To make the cake, take:
- 1 tbsp. candied jam, seedless;
- 1 tsp of baking soda;
- 2 tbsp. flour;
- 2 eggs;
- a pinch of salt;
- powdered sugar for dusting.

Whisk eggs with salt, add the slaked lemon juice soda. Then connect them with jam and stir well. Add to the resulting mass and mix the flour to make as thick as sour cream, the dough.

Grease the muffin tin with vegetable oil, lightly powder the flour and pour into it the dough. Put the form in a preheated 200oC oven and bake for 50 minutes. The finished cupcake sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Advice 2: Why jam candy

Jam is one of the oldest sweets, which was prepared by the ancient Greeks with honey, quince and other fruits. This treat is especially nice with flavored pastries, cold winter. Kept it a long time, but due to various reasons a jam can, over time, sugar that will spoil not only the appearance but also the taste of this wonderful dish.
Why jam candy

For what reasons can sugar jam

First of all, this is the result of prolonged and improper storage of the product. If there is a jam straight from the jar, there could be sugar crystals, and other parts products to support its sugared. This process may be exacerbated if stored in the fridge or in the cupboard, leaking closed containers of jam.

To sugar this product may result from improper preparation. This is usually due to adding too much honey or sugar. At the same time, the disadvantage of these products can lead to the appearance of mold in the jam, so when cooking be sure to observe the dosage of sugar in relation to the amount of fruit or berries.

It can also happen that the jam candy by too long cooking. Then the syrup becomes very thick, and fruits and berries lose their flavor and aroma. In turn it raw syrup can also lead to sugared treats, especially if the sugar is completely dissolved during cooking.

How to avoid sugaring jam

It is very important to follow the dosage of the ingredients during cooking. Each recipe and the different fruits require the addition of certain amount of sugar. But, in any case, it should not be more than berries or fruit.

Cook the jam until complete dissolution of sugar. Thus it is better to use intermittent brew, is to boil the dish for 10-15 minutes, allow to cool several hours, then again bring to a boil. Due to this, the sugar will dissolve much better and stronger fruits soaked syrup and at the same time do not have time to lose their flavor.

As soon as berries or chopped fruit slices start to become translucent, jam remove from heat, otherwise it will be overcooked. If the ingredients are heavily darkened, then jam, most likely, later Sacharissa. At the same time, it should not be rolling sooner than you will feel the fruits and berries start to release their flavor and aroma. Properly brewed jam should not spread, if you drop it on a plate.

To prevent sugaring you can also add at the end of cooking 3-5 g of citric acid, previously dissolved in 50 ml of hot water. But while cooking you need to constantly carefully remove the foam. And finally, put the finished product in sterilized glass jars and throw them also sterilized lids. Cold the jam should be stored either in the basement or in the refrigerator.

Advice 3: How to cook cherry jam seedless

Summer is the perfect time for picking berries and harvesting of jam. Jam of cherries – one of the most delicious homemade products. It can be boiled with seeds and without them. And yet bones are best removed as inedible parts of the fruit, especially if you are going to feed jam of young children. The most difficult in this process to clean the berries from seed. Without a special instrument, their removal is tedious and painstaking work.
How to cook cherry jam seedless
You will need
    • 1 kg of cherries;
    • 250 g of water;
    • 1.5 kg of sugar;
    • 1 tsp citric acid.
Carefully wash the berries. It is better to soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with large quantities of running water.
Remove all pits from cherries with the help of costoclavicular. There are mechanical and electrical devices for removing pits from the fruit. If you don't have such a device, use ordinary pin or blunt end of a metal pen. But manual removing of the seed will take longer and will result in the loss of juice.
Sprinkle berries and sugar in an enamel pot and leave at least 3-4 hours. You can pour the cooled cherry syrup made from water and sugar.
Pour candied cherries in a bowl or saucepan and place on low heat. Cook for 15 minutes, remove from the heat 2-3 times to infusion of jam. Don't forget to remove the formed foam. With a large boiling pan and bring to full readiness.
5 minutes before end of cooking add citric acid. Berries finally satiate the sugar syrup, soak the jam at room temperature for another 6-8 hours after boiling, before you start repasovane banks.
After the allotted time, pour the cooled jam into hot sterilized jars, tightly close boiled lids. Flip it upside down.
Cherry jam can be poured into jars and hot. This will separate the fruit from the jam through a colander, pour them into jars, boil down syrup. Then pour cherry syrup fruit in jars. Jam can be sealed.
Useful advice
Cherry jam with seeds is cooked a little harder than without them because the syrup is slowly absorbed into the fruit. If you try to cook quickly, the juice from the fruit will go into the syrup, and the fruit will shrivel. To prevent this, pierce the cherries first, then, pour the hot sugar syrup, and then you can jam.
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