There are government, labour and social disability pensions. In certain cases the disabled person is given the opportunity to choose the most appropriate type of pension provision. Pension for disability due to accident on manufacture or occupational diseases, is granted and paid by social insurance Fund. It is worth considering that this kind of pension is assigned irrespective on when disability occurred: in the period of work before employment or after termination of employment.
There are two ways of how is the calculation of the disability pension. The first method is associated with execution of labour pension, and the second involves the calculation of state pensions. If the disabled person has at least the minimum insurance experience, the accrual of pension benefits is possible based on insurance. Thus, the citizen gets legal right to the registration of a work disability pension. The disabled person has the right to choose which of the varieties of pension payments preferable to him. If the insurance period is missing, then the pension is calculated according to the state rules for calculating social pension benefits. Supplement to the disability pension and other benefits will accrue in accordance with the provisions of the law on pension provision of the Russian Federation.
The state disability pension is usually, military personnel, participants of the great Patriotic War, and persons who have suffered as a result of technogenic and radiation accidents. Moreover, the size of surcharges to the variety of pension depends on the amount of pension payments, service life and so on. Social disability pension, is intended, respectively: the disabled, disabled children and disabled since childhood. In this case surcharge to pension will be determined by rules of applicable law.
It is important to know that according to the procedure of calculation of pensions regulated by law, payments will be made during the period for which the person was declared invalid. Or until the citizen obsesing age. We must remember that old age pension should not be less than the disability pension that was paid to the citizen.