The treatment itself can be divided into three groups: system (with the various preformed products), local (application of ointments, powders; such treatment is active when the initial action of the fungus), comprehensive (systemic + local).
The local treatment consists of medicines for external use. These include lucky (loceryl, batrafen), ointments (drug zistan), cream (lamisil, mikospor). Often use creams and ointments. Lucky only affect the nail plate and getting inside quickly lose their healing properties.
In order to apply ointment or cream to affected area, squeeze from a tube or bottle a small amount of content and evenly spread on the site of redness, while taking approximately two millimeters radius around the wound, to prevent infection to spread further.
Systemic medications include pills that are called in case of inactivity or their lack of effectiveness. These are antifungal, like lamisil, diflucan, Orungal. The medication is prescribed only by prescription, as there is an individual intolerance of the drug and contraindications.