Advice 1: How to cure nail fungus on legs folk remedies

Fungus on the nails is a serious disease that requires medical intervention. All the folk remedies are a companion treatment to the primary medication that will be prescribed by a doctor. You must not start the disease - do not pull if suddenly your nails began to turn yellow and flake. Correctly aligning the recommendation of a physician and folk remedies, you will make your nails healthy and beautiful. You don't need to hide your fingers under the closed shoesand thick socks.
How to cure nail fungus on legs folk remedies
You will need
  • Soap-soda bath
  • - Laundry soap (50 g)
  • - pelvis for the legs
  • - nail accessories
  • - soda (1 tbsp)
  • The bath with sea salt
  • - sea salt (2 tbsp.)
  • - pelvis for the legs
  • Ointment of garlic
  • - butter (100 g)
  • - garlic (2 cloves)
  • Treatment with propolis
  • alcohol propolis tincture (pharmacy)
  • - cotton balls
  • Compresses with oak bark
  • - oak bark (3 tablespoons)
  • - calendula flowers (2 tablespoons)
  • - celandine (1 tbsp)
  • - boiling water (500 g)
  • - wool (50 g)
  • - bandage (1 PC)
  • General guidelines
  • acetic essence (70%)
  • - iron
  • - cleaning products for bathtubs
Soap-soda bath.
Astrogate knife soap, put the chips in a saucepan, add a little water and melt the soap on fire. Pour in a bowl of hot water that you can tolerate without discomfort. Put in the soda water and pour in the melted soap. Soak feet in water 10 to 15 minutes, well wet. Treat fungus nail plate nail clippers, then file the nail file. Cover the nail with a medicine that the doctor prescribed. Take these trays every night until you grow new healthy nails.
Bath with sea salt.
Pour in a bowl of hot water of such temperature that it is not burned. Dissolve it in sea salt. Poparte feet in a saline solution. Take these baths regularly.
Ointment of garlic.
In the softened butter, squeeze the garlic. Stir the resulting mixture. Apply it on the damaged nails as moisturizer. Hold for 10 to 15 minutes, remove the gauze pad or cotton pad.
Treatment with propolis.
Moisten a cotton ball with tincture of propolis and carefully DAB each nail. Allow the infusion to soak in. Periodically repeat this procedure.
Compresses with oak bark
Put in a thermos of oak bark, calendula and celandine. Pour the boiling water and let it brew. Strain the resulting infusion. Expand the bandage so that its length is enough to cover your fingers. Lay in a layer of cotton wool and close it with a bandage. Have you got cotton-gauze bandage on the toes. Moisten bandage strained infusion and place on the nails. Hold the compress for about 15 minutes.
General guidelines below to get rid of the fungus and infect others.
All the shoes inside clean with alcohol or vinegar solution. Vinegar solution made from diluted 1:1 of vinegar. Socks, tights must be ironed the iron. Tub treated with special cleaning means.
Healthy nails are difficult to infect by fungus. Strengthen your immune system.
Useful advice
Treat your nails with a cotton swab dipped in potassium permanganate. Keep your feet did not sweat, if necessary, use the powder.

Advice 2: How to cure nail fungus folk remedies

Nail fungus is a very common disease. It is transmitted from person to person during a visit to the swimming pool, sauna, manicures, pedicures, wearing one Shoe with the ill person, etc. Let's see how you can cure nail fungus folk remedies.
How to cure nail fungus folk remedies

Very often in the family from adults who have this disease, it is transmitted to the children. In people with strong immune systems, the fungus may be a long time to manifest. And its spread can contribute to hypothermia, prolonged stop in the wet and warm environment, wearing uncomfortable shoes made from artificial materials.

If you suspect the nail fungus, and it is often accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the feet, with discomfort in various spots and other symptoms, you must consult a specialist – dermatologist who can diagnose and prescribe treatment. But you can try to cure the nail fungus folk remedies:

- 1 teaspoon of dimethyl phthalate mixed with 1 table. a tablespoon of 70% vinegar, or 1 table. spoon of oil, add in mixture of 1 egg. The prepared ointment store in refrigerator. RUB it on the areas affected by the fungus, wrap with cellophane and put on socks or gloves. If the disease is neglected, the ointment should keep for 3-4 days without removing. After the treatment the nails will go, and in their place will grow healthy;

- Kombucha is also a great helper. Take a piece of it, apply to the place of moulds, wrap with cellophane and top with a bandage and leave overnight. In the morning rinse your finger in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and cut off all the excess;

- dilute acetic acid (70%) mixed with water. Mix in the liquid a small amount of heavy dough and place on a slice to the nail, glue the plasters. After a few days the affected nail will disappear, and its place will be healthy;

- crush the raspberries and mix it with alcohol, apply to the affected area. Just before that don't forget to steam your nails in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Do not worry if after the treatment the nails and the skin around it will turn red.

Advice 3: How to treat nail fungus

Fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, is developing very slowly. It leads to discoloration of the nails, generating them unpleasant smell, and in some cases their loss. Nail fungus usually does not cause discomfort, but left untreated can lead to complications.
How to treat nail fungus
You will need
  • - antifungal medications;
  • antifungal lacquers.
Treatment for fungal nails it is advisable to start in the early stages of its development. In this case, it can avoid the use of drugs. For the treatment of this disease are typically applied antifungal agents, for example, "Terbinafine", "Itraconazole", etc. the Course of treatment with these drugs may last for several months. He must not be interrupted until until signs of infection disappear completely, otherwise there is a high likelihood of re-emergence of the fungus. However, antifungal drugs can cause side effects, such as diarrhea, nausea, headaches, etc.
For the removal of fungi and you can use antifungal nail Polish, but their use is less effective than taking pills. This is due to the fact that exposure to infection is not through the bloodstream as when taking tablets, but directly through the nail. This treatment can last from 6 months to a year before it will produce meaningful results.
If you have no desire to be treated with medication for many months, you can remove the infected nail chemically. For this you need special hair spray that can be purchased at the pharmacy. This paste is applied on the entire surface of the infected nail and leave it overnight. This continues for several weeks. As a result, the nail plate will be completely dissolved chemical substances contained in the paste. This procedure is completely painless and gives good results.
In the absence of results of medical treatment and treatment with varnish, you may need surgery. She is also appointed in case the infection is spread by fungus starts to bring you pain. However, remember that the formation of a new nail will then take several months, sometimes over a year.
Removal of the fungus can be used and a special medical laser, acting on the infected nail high energy. The treatment gives a positive result in the majority of cases.
In the period of taking drugs to try to properly care for an infected fingernail. Ensure that the feet do not accumulate moisture, if possible wear open shoes, to nails constantly needs to receive oxygen. Also try to get rid of old shoes, it can contain spores of fungi. If you cut the infected nail, use a separate scissors.

Advice 4: Treatment of nail fungus folk ways

Nail fungus or onychomycosis is a common disease. This disease is of very long nails treated and can be repeated repeatedly many times throughout life. The most common reason for the appearance of fungus on the nails is the use of pools and saunas. But at risk include people with weak immune system, often suffering from flu. Treatment of nail fungus folk ways allows you to save money. Because pharmacies are mainly sold expensive drugs.
treatment of nail fungus folk ways

Why it is necessary to promptly treat nail fungus

Apart from the fact that the fungus infected nails look ugly, and or the nail plate thickens, or begins to break down, onychomycosis can lead to other negative consequences.

  1. Nail fungus may contribute to the ingestion of other infections.
  2. If a person in addition to onychomycosis is present and diabetes mellitus, the past is deteriorating. Such deterioration are observed in many other diseases.
  3. If I run a nail fungus, it can cause deep mycosis. He, in turn, can penetrate through the blood to internal organs.
  4. Onychomycosis may cause an allergic reaction. And if treatment is not started in time, may result in bronchial asthma and other allergic manifestations.

Treatment of nail fungus folk ways

лечение грибка ногтей народными способами

It is worth noting that the treatment should start with identifying the type of fungus. And to make it it can only be a mycologist. The doctor will take a scraping from the affected area and the results of the study will prescribe the treatment. If for some reason the mycologist it is impossible to get, you can try to treat fungus folk remedies.

First we need to address the factors contributing to the formation and reproduction of the fungus. If you have the opportunity, at some time, stop visiting the pool or sauna. If a purchased subscription for a long time, after each visit home, wipe feet and shoes with a cotton pad moistened with 9% vinegar.

Socks should be changed regularly and every day to take a shower. The presence of the body sweat will promote the growth of fungus. Synthetic socks or pantyhose can also cause the rapid multiplication of the fungus. Cotton products will be much more useful.

Don't forget about your immune system. Internal defence of the body will help to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

Nail fungus is a very negative attitude to the acidic environment. Therefore, the most well-known folk remedy for treatment of onychomycosis is a nail treatment vinegar. Can be used as a table and wine. Before the procedure you need to wash your feet. Then clean socks soaked in vinegar and wrung out. Nails are treated with a cotton pad with vinegar and put on socks. You need to keep them all night.

Can you cure nail fungus with garlic. For this purpose it should be well crushed and the resulting mass apply on the infected area. Now fasten the garlic using gauze or bandage and put on clean socks. This will help to avoid bias from the affected area garlic mass.

A decoction of milkweed can help in treatment of the nail. For cooking, use the milkweed and water in the proportion one to two. Keep the broth in a water bath at least 30 min. After cool the broth and strain it. Then mix in a bowl the broth with a valid hot water. To steam the legs need 30 mins at least 10 times. After the procedure you need to wipe your feet.

Another means of salt or soda. In a basin of cool water you need to pour a tablespoon of salt or baking soda and stir. Legs immersed for 10 min., and then well wiped off.

Any treatment should continue until such time as the affected part of the nail will not grow and will not be cut off. If you stop the treatment before the nail, the fungus can re-strike the nail plate.

Advice 5: Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies

The fungus is a serious disease that brings discomfort and significantly detract from the appearance of the nails. Folk remedies to cope with this disease is no worse and sometimes better than expensive medication.
Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies


Where to start the treatment of nail fungus

Treatment of nail fungus should start with steaming and then apply ointment and lotions. The baths themselves can be an effective means of treatment. Here are some of them:

A decoction of celandine. Pour 4 tablespoons of herbs in 1.5 litres of water and boil for 5 minutes. Let the broth cool slightly and drop in the nails.

Saline solution is also able to treat nail fungus. One tablespoon of salt and soda to dissolve in warm water and dip the nails for 5 minutes. After the procedure, thoroughly rinse nails under running water.

Very effective is the coffee tray. To prepare 5 tablespoons of ground coffee, pour a liter of boiling water and let it sit. Nails dipped in the cooled broth for 30 minutes.

Treatment of nail fungus ointments

After steaming, you can proceed to the next procedures such as applying ointments and applying lotions.

The most effective ointments:

- Mix 1 tablespoon of homemade whipped cream with 1 egg and 100 grams of birch tar. Apply to problem areas and wrap with a bandage. To treat nail fungus in this way for 2 months.

- Oil of propolis. Melt 100 grams of vaseline in a water bath, not boiling. In the slightly cooled jelly, add 20 grams of propolis. Mix ingredients in a water bath to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Apply to your nails morning and evening. Treatment of nail fungus this ointment lasts about a month.

- In 100 grams of 70% vinegar to omit the raw egg in the shell 4 tablespoons butter. Put the mixture in the refrigerator. A week later, the egg will dissolve (the shell throw it away).

- Towering mountain ash leaves. The leaves are crushed into a slurry and spread on the diseased nails, bandaging over the bandage.

Apricot resin. Tablespoon resin to insist in a glass of vodka for 3 days. Ointment apply at night for one month.

How to treat nail fungus lotions

So how to cure nail fungus in different methods, in addition to the ointments should be mentioned lotions:

- Procaine. Here everything is simple – a cotton pad moistened with novocaine, to impose on the problem area and wrap with a bandage.

- Tea tree oil. To impregnate with oil on a cotton pad and apply to affected nail 2 times a day. The fungus will be gone in 3 months.

Onion lotion. To wet the cotton with juice small onions and apply to the affected nail 2 times a day.

Garlic lotion. Similar to the onion. However, it should be noted that the lotion of garlic may be accompanied by a strong burning sensation or even pain. So how to cure nail fungus – not a single day, for easing the procedures in the juice is added the same amount of butter.

- Hydrogen peroxide. A cotton pad moistened with hydrogen peroxide and apply three times a day. The results of the treatment lotion be visible after a week.

Juice Golden mustache. Toenails RUB the juice, wrap with plastic wrap and then bandage.

Prevention of nail fungus

To prevent the recurrence of and treat nail fungus does not necessary need to disinfect your shoes and personal hygiene products. To this end, the shoes, and also tools for manicure and pedicure should be treated with vinegar.

It should be remembered that the treatment of any disease is important is the regularity and strict observance of the recipe. It is also necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Intolerance to any ingredient, or as a result of Allergy symptoms, from method selected should be immediately abandoned.

The therapeutic effect is enhanced if external medication in combination with vitamin complexes.



Advice 6: How to cure fungus toenails at home

A very common disease recently, transmitted by contact from person to person – nail fungus, it is especially susceptible to the nail plate of the toes. Places where you can get a lot in the bath, pedicure salon, a fitness room, pool. It's not just about aesthetics, because the nails turn yellow, flake, warp or peel. The problem is completely different – it is a very serious disease, the cure will take quite a long time and patience. How to cure fungus toenails at home?
How to cure fungus toenails at home

Most often this disease avoid people with a stronger immune system – the body does not allow reproduction of the fungus, inhibits proliferation and kills in a fairly short period of time. But not all have a strong body, able to cope with the problem. Therefore, noticing the first signs of damage, you should not rely on self-deliverance. Have to treat fungus of the toenails using a combined method. It includes a set of pill use, ointments, nail Polish.

The question of the removal of the nail arises only in the most severe cases, when the doctor diagnose that the treatment will not bring any benefit. For treatment you must contact a medical clinic. According to the test results of the scraping, the dermatologist will prescribe the necessary treatment option. Type of disease according to its classification is divided into three subgroups: normotrofichesky, hypertrophic and animalisticheskih.

1. To cure fungus of the toenails on the relatively small area affected, apply the varnish. "Batrafen" or "Lotseril" is applied like regular nail Polish two times a week in a single layer on the nail plate of the toes. Do not forget that fungus tends to spread very quickly, so apply the lacquer should be on all of the nail plate.

2. The most popular tool for applying is the apparent form of the disease is ointment or cream. Currently, there are a sufficient number of such drugs: "lamisil", "drug zistan", "Nizoral", "Carniton" and many others. Before how to treat fungus of the toenails and to engage in medical procedures, thoroughly rinse the legs with the addition of soap and allow to dry. Means should be applied attached to the ointment instructions. At the time of application does the destruction of the focus of the spread of the fungus. During treatment of fungus toenails possible irritation and redness, but this is just side effects. To get positive results in the first few days it is not necessary to stop treatment and to abolish the use of the ointment.

3. Treatment pill used already in the advanced form of the disease. Such therapy must undergo under careful supervision of a physician. The tablets have quite a detrimental effect on the internal organs, but subject to all of the recommendations is quite possible to cure fungus of the toenails, applying the antimicrobial effect. Such drugs include "lamisil", "Nizoral", "Orungal" and "Flucostat". The spectrum of drugs that oral administration is quite wide in modern medicine, and they all have a positive effect for stopping the reproduction of fungus and loss of the nail plate.

In any case can not let the disease fester. Multiply, the fungus produces toxins that poison the body and aggravate the immune system. You should carefully take care of personal hygiene, to avoid the use of other people's things, ignore the offered Slippers away and use comfortable shoes.

Advice 7: Treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies

A large part of the population suffers from an illness affecting the nail plate fungus. Once once a dispute begins active reproduction. Nail in a relatively short period of yellowing, thickened, stratified is a progressive disease. Catch the fungus quite easily, people with low immunity easily "bring" the fungus from the swimming pool, Spa center, Spa salon, Barber shop. There is a fairly extensive spectrum of drugs, but do not forget about the treatment of nail fungus folk ways.
Treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies
The most popular method is the application of 5% tincture of iodine. Every evening apply on the nail or applied iodine gauze swabs soaked in iodine solution.
Helps Apple cider or concentrated, but diluted with water half vinegar. Three to four hours tampons applied on the nail. In the vinegar gently dip a cotton swab and blot the nail.
Positive action for treatment of fungus toenails popular ways is having a lemon. It is cut into slices and apply to the nail plate for two weeks. Top fixed or with a bandage or plastic wrap.
One of the types of treatment which benefit many people is to clean the potatoes. They should be thoroughly washed and cooked in water until tender. After this cleaning removed, the broth cool slightly and pour into small bowl. In a hot decoction of the legs need to steam and then apply the pulp out of peel. After a short while, the potato mixture, rinse with warm water. To the treatment of nail fungus was considered complete legs after this procedure, processed pork fat on top and put on socks.
Beneficial effect in diseases of the nail Kombucha. A small amount of the cellophane to pin on the infected nails for the night bandage. Top be sure to put on socks. In the morning the nail needs to handle sterile instruments and spread with a solution of iodine.
A bit fragrant, but no less effective tool in the treatment of nail fungus – the use of crushed garlic. Three cloves of garlic crushed, squeeze the butter and add at will the same amount of olive oil. This mixture is applied on the affected area of the nails.
To get rid of the fungus on the feet can apply the propolis. For the treatment is taken the mixture of propolis and alcohol in 1:1 ratio. Feet pre-disinfected with a weak infusion of potassium permanganate, the mixture is applied on all night and carefully tied the bandage. To change this bandage should be daily.
Everyone will be able to decide which of these popular ways to treat fungus of the toenails. And when will recovery, you should try to re-defeat never happened. This is sufficient to comply with all requirements of personal hygiene. New shoes before use must be treated with a solution of vinegar. The rug in the bathroom to wash as often as necessary. The condition of the nail plate to follow very closely – the sooner the disease is found, the sooner treatment begins.
To cure nail fungus folk ways only possible with a certain tenacity. It is impossible to carry out these procedures twice, three times and say that nothing helps. You need patience and day after day, without skipping, to fight infection to its complete disappearance.

Advice 8: How to treat nail fungus on feet

Beautiful legs and hands - a subject of pride of any woman, but what to do if my toenails flake, turn yellow and have a good look? First of all you need to see a specialist, who will determine with precision that you have fungus. The problem is serious, but do not despair, because there is a huge amount of funds from this disease.
How to treat nail fungus on feet
You will need
  • - consultation of the doctor
  • - long-term treatment
Before you start treatment, you need to understand that the fungus is a serious disease that requires meticulous treatment and proper care. The fungus can be transmitted from person to person, often in public places, such as bath, pool, showers, fitness clubs.
As you can understand that it's a fungus?

The first symptoms of this disease are: thickening or layering of the nail, yellowing of the nail plate, the constant itching and burning between the toes.
Fungus treatment

The fungus treatment is important step, after which you should promptly deal with them. There is a huge amount of money for the treatment of the disease. Consider the most popular of them.

Folk remedy fungus

It has long been all the ailments you can find a lot of folk remedies and nail fungus is no exception. Good means are compresses with a tea fungus. Fungus ground to a pulp and offered him infusion, after which apply compresses for 2-3 months in the affected areas.
In addition, you can use the recipe club soda. 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in 3 liters of water. This solution is steamed legs, and then make an application with the tea tree oil.
Modern treatment for fungus

If you are one of those people who don't believe folk wisdom, you can easily find a tool on the shelves of the pharmacy Windows. Consider the most popular remedies for the treatment of fungus.

Nail Polish "Lotseril"

Varnish is a clear, colorless liquid that is applied once a week to the infected nail. The course of treatment is about six months. According to reviews, 80% of the varnish is very effective and completely eliminates the fungus in compliance with all instructions.
Therapeutic serum "Mikosan"

Part of the "Mikosan" can make you wonder: the filtrate of the extract of rye and water. It would seem that the composition is quite simple, but on the Internet you can find hundreds of rave reviews about this drug.
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