The most popular method is the application of 5% tincture of iodine. Every evening apply on the nail or applied iodine gauze swabs soaked in iodine solution.
Helps Apple cider or concentrated, but diluted with water half vinegar. Three to four hours tampons applied on the nail. In the vinegar gently dip a cotton swab and blot the nail.
Positive action for treatment of fungus toenails popular ways is having a lemon. It is cut into slices and apply to the nail plate for two weeks. Top fixed or with a bandage or plastic wrap.
One of the types of treatment which benefit many people is to clean the potatoes. They should be thoroughly washed and cooked in water until tender. After this cleaning removed, the broth cool slightly and pour into small bowl. In a hot decoction of the legs need to steam and then apply the pulp out of peel. After a short while, the potato mixture, rinse with warm water. To the treatment of nail fungus was considered complete legs after this procedure, processed pork fat on top and put on socks.
Beneficial effect in diseases of the nail Kombucha. A small amount of the cellophane to pin on the infected nails for the night bandage. Top be sure to put on socks. In the morning the nail needs to handle sterile instruments and spread with a solution of iodine.
A bit fragrant, but no less effective tool in the treatment of nail fungus – the use of crushed garlic. Three cloves of garlic crushed, squeeze the butter and add at will the same amount of olive oil. This mixture is applied on the affected area of the nails.
To get rid of the fungus on the feet can apply the propolis. For the treatment is taken the mixture of propolis and alcohol in 1:1 ratio. Feet pre-disinfected with a weak infusion of potassium permanganate, the mixture is applied on all night and carefully tied the bandage. To change this bandage should be daily.
Everyone will be able to decide which of these popular ways to treat fungus of the toenails. And when will recovery, you should try to re-defeat never happened. This is sufficient to comply with all requirements of personal hygiene. New shoes before use must be treated with a solution of vinegar. The rug in the bathroom to wash as often as necessary. The condition of the nail plate to follow very closely – the sooner the disease is found, the sooner treatment begins.