You will need
  • - formalin;
  • - lemon;
  • - vinegar essence;
  • - vodka.
To determine the presence of fungus can only be a specialist-dermatologist, because of the varieties of the fungal mass. The main thing – try not to delay going to the doctor, because in the early stages of any disease can be cured easier and faster. Remember to treat the fungus, in all probability, would be long, and this is a very expensive procedure, so it is important to determine the type of fungus , and medications.
If the fungal infection affected only the skin and less than half of the nail plate, use an antifungal ointments or creams and various lotions, sprays, powders, and aerosols. Apply them twice a day for a month, but remember that every two weeks the funds should be changed to not be addictive. Nails are treated in some cases for a year until you grow the nail plate.
If the nails are affected strongly, including the thumbs, the local treatment will be insufficient. With fungus manage only the drugs, taken by mouth. Before you start taking medicines to get rid of the affected nail plate. Sometimes this is done surgically, but perhaps with softening ointments.
Once a month treat infected things – shoes, floors and all items which could keep the fungus. Soak the cloth in a solution of acetic acid or formalin, place in shoes, but pre-process insoles. Close shoes for a day in a plastic bag
As an additional treat fungus can try to use such folk remedies. A slice of lemon and apply on the affected nail, put on your fingertip and leave overnight. Treated in this way should be within a month. Then for the prevention lubricate your fingers with lemon at least once a month.
Take equally diluted vinegar and vodka, add a little of any vegetable oil. Wash and dry feet, then lubricate this part of the foot, between the toes, soles and heels for the night. Smear should be up to the disappearance of the fungus. After the treatment, don't forget to part with the old socks and shoes.
Because there is always the danger of re-infection with a foot fungus, you should immediately after treatment preventive measures: every time after a shower, RUB the skin of the feet, hands and nails of an antifungal cream, make disinfection of shoes, baths, floors and pedicure accessories you use, always wipe your feet dry and fresh towel.
To prevent fungal diseases of the nails use an antifungal lacquer.
Try to wear comfortable shoes, best leather. Pressure, abrasions, bruises the feet and toes lead to injuries of the skin and nails; the wounds are the convenient "gate" through which the fungi enter the body.