You will need
  • - antifungal medications;
  • antifungal lacquers.
Treatment for fungal nails it is advisable to start in the early stages of its development. In this case, it can avoid the use of drugs. For the treatment of this disease are typically applied antifungal agents, for example, "Terbinafine", "Itraconazole", etc. the Course of treatment with these drugs may last for several months. He must not be interrupted until until signs of infection disappear completely, otherwise there is a high likelihood of re-emergence of the fungus. However, antifungal drugs can cause side effects, such as diarrhea, nausea, headaches, etc.
For the removal of fungi and you can use antifungal nail Polish, but their use is less effective than taking pills. This is due to the fact that exposure to infection is not through the bloodstream as when taking tablets, but directly through the nail. This treatment can last from 6 months to a year before it will produce meaningful results.
If you have no desire to be treated with medication for many months, you can remove the infected nail chemically. For this you need special hair spray that can be purchased at the pharmacy. This paste is applied on the entire surface of the infected nail and leave it overnight. This continues for several weeks. As a result, the nail plate will be completely dissolved chemical substances contained in the paste. This procedure is completely painless and gives good results.
In the absence of results of medical treatment and treatment with varnish, you may need surgery. She is also appointed in case the infection is spread by fungus starts to bring you pain. However, remember that the formation of a new nail will then take several months, sometimes over a year.
Removal of the fungus can be used and a special medical laser, acting on the infected nail high energy. The treatment gives a positive result in the majority of cases.
In the period of taking drugs to try to properly care for an infected fingernail. Ensure that the feet do not accumulate moisture, if possible wear open shoes, to nails constantly needs to receive oxygen. Also try to get rid of old shoes, it can contain spores of fungi. If you cut the infected nail, use a separate scissors.