You will need
  • - antimycotic drugs ("lamisil", "Nizoral", "Clotrimazole", etc.);
  • - antifungals ("Terbinafine", "Itraconazole," "fluconazole");
  • - boric acid in powder or soda;
  • grass celandine;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - juice of garlic or Apple cider vinegar;
  • - salicylic ointment.
Apply a topical antimycotic preparations. A course of local applications can be quite long – up to months. It depends on the type of drug and the extent of damage the skin. When worn and interdigital forms of effective fungal creams, ointments and aerosols ("lamisil", "Nizoral", "Clotrimazole", etc.). Local antiseptic to help prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of moving the infection into healthy tissue – fukortsin, liquid Castellani. Before you apply the medication, prepare the skin of the feet – make a bath in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and gently RUB the feet, removing dead skin flakes. This will improve the efficiency of application of the drug.
Take a course of systemic treatment. When large areas of destruction, acute inflammation and chronic course of the disease shows systemic therapy – antifungal agents orally ("Terbinafine", "Itraconazole," "fluconazole"), within a week or two.
Use traditional methods of treatment. The simplest recipes fungus treatment of the foot are powder – boric acid powder or baking soda, you can fill in the shoes, to do with them warm baths.
Widely used celandine – the herb is boiled and floating in her legs, made from waste materials compress, wipe the skin with an alcohol tincture.
Baths with Apple cider vinegar you can do when starting lesions and ulcerations, varying the concentration of the solution. At night useful vinegar compresses – soak a part of clean socks and wear.
Affected area well RUB the juice of garlic or onions, changing the compresses during the day.
The application of salicylic ointment promotes rapid exfoliation of damaged tissues – the morning spread each leg 35% composition, wrap with plastic and put on socks. Before bed, the poultice should be changed.
Restore the digestive organs and raise the immunity. Fungal infection of the body is only possible with a weakened immune system, vitamin deficiency, dysbiosis, and other metabolic disorders. In order to increase the body's resistance in fighting the fungal infection, you need to restore balance by taking vitamins, probiotics, stimulation of the immune status.