You will need
  • medicinal products;
  • -tea tree oil.
Do not self-medicate, consult a specialist-dermatologist who can diagnose your illness and prescribe the correct treatment. To get rid of the problems need long time to use a complex therapy.
For the treatment of fungal infections on the skin apply external products, which include creams, sprays and solutions. Effective drugs of this group of drugs are the "drug zistan" and "lamisil".
For eliminating nail fungus can help you drugs made in the form of a transparent varnish. An example of such a drug can serve as a "Loceryl". Before using such tools it is necessary to remove the affected areas of nail plate, then apply a layer of varnish. The period of use of such funds is from 6 to 12 months until a healthy nail.
In severe cases of bodies of the fungus treatment will be incomplete without the use of internal resources, ie tablets. The decision on the appointment of a particular drug, which include "Orungal", "fluconazole", "is not" etc. to his doctor. In case of serious illness without them will only remove the symptoms but not the cause of the disease, leading to recurrence after a while. The disadvantage of these tablets is their high price and negative effects on the liver. When writing out these medications, the doctor must consider the state of your body and possible contraindications. They must take courses for a long time.
Do not forget about prevention. When you visit the pool or bath, apply on the skin of the legs fungal cream or tea tree oil. Don't step barefoot on floors in public areas: bathrooms, hotels, dressing rooms. Away avoid wearing sneakers offer, especially the fabric. To prevent the appearance of mildew is much easier than to cure it.