Fungus treatment is often long and not always effective if we use loyal to traditional medicines. Can harm our health in the case of the use of strong drugs, cupping the spread of fungus in our body.

The symptoms of nail fungus

However, if you have picked up nail mycosis and in front of you the obvious symptoms of this disease is the stratification of the nail plate, the change to a healthy pink color on yellowish spots, and tear, the seal of the nail, immediately go to the doctor or dermatologist to get advice and prescribe proper treatment. After all, sometimes change the color of the nails can be confused with incipient dermatosis, which also requires to visit the doctor however, the treatment of nail fungus should not be delayed in any case.

Medical treatment of nail fungus

To cure nail fungus at the present time is quite possible, because modern pharmacology offers in its Arsenal sufficient range of different antifungal agents, the ability to kill fungal growth, but for a long period to remain in the nail plate, thus helping to shorten the treatment itself. The average course of treatment is approximately 2-4 months.

Cure nail fungus on the level of application of local means, such as ointments, special varnishes, etc.

However, in most cases, to achieve the absolute optimal results, the procedure is a combined treatment which, according to experts, is more productive and takes less time.

Medicines of local importance, such as "Kanisa", "drug zistan", "Nizoral", "terbinafine" as well as "Mikospor", which is now sold in a set with a waterproof plaster applied to the affected nails using a special dispenser and leave it under a waterproof band-aid on the day. Then, the next day, in a soap-soda solution special baths for the feet, use the nail file affected the fate of the nail is removed or cut off. This procedure lasts until the full regrowth of new nails.

If treatment at the local level proved ineffective, then you should assign more serious drugs internally, from a series of systemic antifungals. This may be a "lamisil", "Diflucan" or "Nizoral".

Almost all antifungal drugs direction have a lot of contraindications. Make sure you do not suffer from kidney disease, liver and do not use hormonal contraceptives, which do not combine the use of "Lamizila", for example.

To help drugs to domestic actions to cure the nail fungus, you can use the additional funds to local values, such as ointments, medicinal gels and antifungal special lacquer, which, softening the nail allows the medication to penetrate deep into the nail plate.

Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies

To cure nail fungus is also possible, depending on the depth of the lesion infection, and folk remedies. Quite a long list of recipes of traditional medicine today can be found on the pages of various sites and forums. The most popular and effective among them is rubbing the pre-steamed in hot water legs 70% acetic essence, and application to, again, the steamed legs of the mixture dissolved in vinegar, raw eggs.

During treatment of nail fungus and stop, no matter medical or folk remedies, the necessary continuous disinfection of all shoes. She applied a solution of chlorine bleach or formalin and retained for a period of from twenty to forty minutes. Socks or tights should be washed daily soap.

With nail fungus children are affected very rarely. Often ill people from the age of 16. With age comes increased risk of infection. Susceptible people with low immunity and a disease of the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract.

It is always worth remembering that you can catch nail fungus in the pool, in the beach locker room, the bath and to refrain from visiting these places at the time of treatment.