Most often this disease avoid people with a stronger immune system – the body does not allow reproduction of the fungus, inhibits proliferation and kills in a fairly short period of time. But not all have a strong body, able to cope with the problem. Therefore, noticing the first signs of damage, you should not rely on self-deliverance. Have to treat fungus of the toenails using a combined method. It includes a set of pill use, ointments, nail Polish.

The question of the removal of the nail arises only in the most severe cases, when the doctor diagnose that the treatment will not bring any benefit. For treatment you must contact a medical clinic. According to the test results of the scraping, the dermatologist will prescribe the necessary treatment option. Type of disease according to its classification is divided into three subgroups: normotrofichesky, hypertrophic and animalisticheskih.

1. To cure fungus of the toenails on the relatively small area affected, apply the varnish. "Batrafen" or "Lotseril" is applied like regular nail Polish two times a week in a single layer on the nail plate of the toes. Do not forget that fungus tends to spread very quickly, so apply the lacquer should be on all of the nail plate.

2. The most popular tool for applying is the apparent form of the disease is ointment or cream. Currently, there are a sufficient number of such drugs: "lamisil", "drug zistan", "Nizoral", "Carniton" and many others. Before how to treat fungus of the toenails and to engage in medical procedures, thoroughly rinse the legs with the addition of soap and allow to dry. Means should be applied attached to the ointment instructions. At the time of application does the destruction of the focus of the spread of the fungus. During treatment of fungus toenails possible irritation and redness, but this is just side effects. To get positive results in the first few days it is not necessary to stop treatment and to abolish the use of the ointment.

3. Treatment pill used already in the advanced form of the disease. Such therapy must undergo under careful supervision of a physician. The tablets have quite a detrimental effect on the internal organs, but subject to all of the recommendations is quite possible to cure fungus of the toenails, applying the antimicrobial effect. Such drugs include "lamisil", "Nizoral", "Orungal" and "Flucostat". The spectrum of drugs that oral administration is quite wide in modern medicine, and they all have a positive effect for stopping the reproduction of fungus and loss of the nail plate.

In any case can not let the disease fester. Multiply, the fungus produces toxins that poison the body and aggravate the immune system. You should carefully take care of personal hygiene, to avoid the use of other people's things, ignore the offered Slippers away and use comfortable shoes.