You will need
  • - knowledge of browser installed on your computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you have to work with the Internet you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to the site "Vkontakte" and make sure that you are not authorized to the resource (if still logged in – click "Exit"). Then type in the address bar, the command "about:config" in order to open the settings menu of the browser.
In the menu that appears look for the "Filter" field and enter the command "network.http.redirection-limit". That appears after entering the parameter, you need to remember and then change it to 0 that will mean the ban on processing the redirect.
Next, you need to go to the site "In Contact" and go through the authorisation process. During this process you may receive an error message – it should simply be ignored. Now you need to go to any page other than the home page any user (it ends on profile.php or id12345678).
Return to the settings tab and change the value of the network parameter.http.redirection-limit on the source. Now, unless you visit the main user pages, including mine, you will be invisible for other users.
If you prefer Opera, select from the browser menu click "Tools", then "Settings", "Advanced" and finally "Network". Here you need to remove the check box of "Enable automatic redirection". After that you need to do the first four paragraphs of the operations of this instruction.
There is another way, but it works with restrictions. Sign in to the site "Vkontakte", go to any page other than the home and wait 15-20 minutes for the completion timeout connection system. After that you will be invisible to network users unless you visit the main page (profile.php or id12345678). Such a method is relevant for browsers Safari and Chrome.
For the Chrome browser also has a special app called "Vkontakte Offline", which, as follows from the name, allows you to work with the social network without calling on her website. This app is perfect for those who do not wish to lose time waiting to deal with or browser settings.
While these methods do not always satisfy all the requirements the secret of the user "Vkontakte", it is best to download and install special software to work with the aforementioned social network. The best program for secret use "Vkontakte" is VKLife, don't forget to click "offline" in control panel. Among other programs worth noting IceIM, VKSovety, VKGetter.