Possible causes of pain in the wrist

Pain in the wrist can be caused by trauma (sprain, contusion, fracture, torn ligament) or chronic overload. Fractures of the wrist, obtained, for example, in case of unsuccessful fall, it is often not diagnosed on time, as usual for such injuries symptoms (acute pain, swelling) can be expressed softly – fracture victims is adopted for the tension, as treatment using home remedies, leading to complications, sometimes severe.

The constant stress on the wrist, are specific to certain professions connected with, for example, prolonged computer work, hand sewing, Assembly of mechanisms that can lead to various diseases of the joints or the wrist joint (tendonitis, tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome). As a rule, the diseases manifest themselves by pain, swelling of the wrist, limiting his mobility.

Also causes pain in the wrist can be arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout accurate diagnosis can be established only by a doctor after the examination.

What to do?

First of all it is necessary to limit the load on the hand – leaning on the affected wrist move your hand less. When severe pain, you can try to fix the hand in a comfortable position, do not disturb – this can be done, for example, using regular or elastic bandage. If the type of your business, it is impossible not to use the hand, often take breaks in the work.

Swelling can help cool compress, for example, wrap in a plastic bag ice cubes from the freezer, wrap the pack with a towel and apply to injured arm. It is not necessary to warm the wrist, if the cause of the pain you are not yet clear – the heat can increase the inflammation.

To relieve the pain will help anti-inflammatory ointments, which include ibuprofen, diclofenac, caffeine. A warming cream based on the extract of red pepper, bee or snake venom without a doctor's prescription should be avoided especially if the cause of the pain was trauma. Do not forget that any pain medications, including ointments, used alone, only as a temporary means to ease the condition before the visit to the doctor. Do not replace treatment with resolution of symptoms.

Be sure to visit the doctor it is necessary in the following cases:
- wrist damaged by trauma (falling, uncharacteristic sharp bending, sharp lifting of a heavy object);
- the wrist was not injured, the pain started "from scratch" and continue more than two days;
the pain is accompanied by swelling, disturbance of sensation or reduced mobility of the joint;
pain leads to disability, increasing after physical exertion.