Different people have effects of a stroke vary as well. One lost it, another memory, the third starts to go bad, and the fourth numb and the hand is taken away. Recovery after stroke is a complex multistep process that can be divided into psychological and physical rehabilitation. Psychological recovery includes the therapist, constant work on yourself and develop a positive attitude to life. Think about the recovery and be aimed at a positive result. Positive thoughts combined with compound exercises will put you on your feet.
Regular exercise for recovery after stroke are a major constituent component of physical rehabilitation. For the correct instructions on how to perform the exercises for hands consult a physiotherapist who will select the most suitable set of exercises. In any case, do not be discouraged and do not despair if the expected result is not a long time. Sooner or later you will feel that the hand begins to work normally. Over time completely restoring her health, you'll be able to live a full active life, play sports and perform daily routine work.
If you are unable to return the motor activity of hands at home, then go recovery after stroke in a sanatorium, where you will provide proper care and ensure the regular passage of all necessary procedures. Sign up for courses a massage that will speed up rehabilitation of your body after a stroke. Conducted by experienced professional massage will help as soon as possible to normalize the blood circulation in the hands, which in itself is very important as the normal blood circulation will help restore motor skills and physical activity of your hand. Follow the above recommendations, it will help you in the shortest possible time to cope with the disease and bring back the joy of everyday life.