How to get rid of aches in the limbs

Often pain in the hands and feet occur after strenuous exercise, especially in cases where loads were unusually excessive for a person. Here can help some simple but very effective ways.

First, you need to take a hot bath. It not only reduces pain but also relaxes the injured muscles and also have a calming effect. For greater effect, in hot water it is better to add sea salt or pine extract (e.g., fir). If you can not take a bath, you can replace it with a cold shower. Definitely after a shower you need to drink a Cup of hot tea. Secondly, it is necessary to thoroughly massage the hands and feet – or yourself, or (better) with the help of a qualified massage therapist.

It is also possible to act on the principle "like cures like". Moderate exercise, gymnastic exercises - this is a good remedy against aches in the limbs.

Why aching in the hands and feet

If the "crush" of the pain in the hands and feet are not caused by a heavy load, and especially if they happen systematically, it is necessary to consult a doctor for diagnosis. Because the reasons of these phenomena a lot! Pain can occur because of disorders in the endocrine glands, degenerative disc disease of the cervical or thoracic spine wearing, various diseases of the nervous system, intervertebral hernia, arthritis (osteoarthritis) of joints, some professional diseases, etc. In some cases, in addition to "crush" pain in the extremities, people may experience numbness of the hands or feet, tingling, weakness, trembling fingers.
The diagnosis is made by inspection results and after additional examinations (tests, ultrasound, imaging, x-rays). After the diagnosis treatment. It may include drug therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, and if necessary – surgery.

Aching hands can occur due to colds. In this case, you need to take antiviral drugs, as well as products that contain vitamin C. If you have a high fever, you should drink antipyretic remedies, such as "Nurofen". It is best to consult a therapist because only he can prescribe the right treatment.