The ulnar nerve is most vulnerable at the elbow. This disease often occurs in those who have the habit to lean the elbows on a hard surface, and with a long position of the elbow in a bent position (e.g., office workers). The risk increases if the room is damp or cold.
Predisposing factors for the development of neuritis are chronic endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease), chronic intoxication (alcoholism), poisoning by mercury, lead etc. Also neuritis may develop after infection (herpes, diphtheria, malaria, etc.), in the presence of fractures and bruises in the elbow and forearm.
The main symptoms of neuritis of the ulnar nerve are weakness of the wrist, the patient can not make a fist, 3, 4 and pinky fingers remain extended, cannot hold objects with your fingers. Also concerned about the numbness and pain between pinky and ring finger brush, as well as in ulnar edge of the brush to the wrist. Small hand muscles gradually atrophy, and it takes the form of "claws".
Leather tassels under the little finger may acquire a bluish tint, thin, often formed small abscesses or ulcers, in men may disappear hair. Also there are a few simple ways to check the operation of the ulnar nerve. If you press his hand to the table and try to move his little finger - this will cause difficulties, also in this situation it is difficult to spread. Another way is to clamp a sheet of paper between two fingers, when neuritis is do not work.
Treatment of neuritis of the ulnar nerve should start as early as possible, as it can lead to complete atrophy of the muscles of the hand. First determine which caused inflammation of the cause, in infectious diseases, an antibiotic is prescribed, while viral origin of optic neuritis is carried out with antiviral therapy. Also, it is necessary to remove predisposing factors (e.g., the habit to lean on the table with his elbows and hypothermia).
Of medical drugs are prescribed cardiovascular drugs for improving blood circulation and expanding blood vessels, vitamins, pain relievers. On the forearm and the area of the brush is superimposed plaster splint, the fingers should be bent, and the brush fixed in the wrist joint. Forearm and supported by the gusset plate.
Also widely used physiotherapy treatments, physiotherapy, treatment with mud baths, acupuncture and massage, all patients recommended Spa treatment. In some cases, surgery is carried out (for example, stapling nerve after injury).