You will need
  • - the umbrella-cane with a proper mechanism;
  • - 1.5-2 m lace stretch fabric;
  • - glue gun;
  • - scissors, needle and thread;
  • spray can of white paint.
Carefully remove the fabric from the umbrella, trying not to damage it, as it will serve as a pattern for future products.
Gently clean the mechanism of the umbrella from the existing contamination and paint the spokes and the handle in white color with spray paint.
Fabric off the umbrella lay on top of lace fabric, which will be made parasol. Cut the lace in accordance with the pattern, remembering to leave 5-6 cm of the allowances.
The fabric must be attached to the spokes of the umbrella by means of a needle and thread. To make it easy, as the fabric, having the form of mnogosolnca, it is easy to determine the attachment.
All the corners of the fabric should be tightly sewn to the edges of the needles several times, wrapping the thread around each spoke. For reliability, all the edges of the spokes need to be fixed additionally with a glue gun to sharp metal from damaging the fabric when opening the umbrella.
The tip of the umbrella needs to look aesthetically pleasing, so it is best to decorate with lace. To cut a circle of lace fabric and pin to the tip of the umbrella with a glue gun.
Trim the edges of the umbrella to give it a finished look. If the fabric is flaking, it can be probality a candle or a lighter. This should be done very carefully so as not to spoil the finished product.