You will need
  • - tulle
  • - scissors
  • - contour
  • - silk ribbon (40 cm), rhinestones, feathers optional
  • - food film, tape, adhesive for fabric
  • - the mask pattern
Draw the mask pattern in full size on a sheet of white paper or print out the finished picture from the Internet. Place the leaf pattern on a solid surface, cover with cling film or polythene and secure with tape at the corners.
the openwork pattern of the mask
Cover the template on top of a piece of tulle, pull the fabric to eliminate creases and folds, and then tape it on the sides.
openwork mask with his hands
Remove the cap from the tube of contour paint and start to stroke the picture. Start with the left edge of the template if you're right handed and Vice versa if left-handed. Slowly, pririsovyvat pattern short strokes, try to avoid spaces. Do not squeeze just a lot of loop – excess and streaks will not turn away and will have to redo everything.
application of paint
Leave the mask to dry the paint for 24 hours on a flat surface.
lace mask carnival
Remove the tape and carefully separate the tulle from the film. With sharp scissors cut out the mask along the contour. Don't forget the eye holes.
mask for party
Measure the satin ribbon cut two 20 cm Smoothen the edges over the flame of a lighter or a candle. Glue strings along the edges of the mask textile glue or super moment. Let the glue dry completely
Optionally decorate the mask with fringe, sequins, feathers or stones.
a beautiful half mask with rhinestones