You will need
  • the thin fabric 100х100см, lace white and pink (or blue) flowers, narrow satin ribbon of the same coloured thread.
Typically, for a area pick up fine Batiste in white. However look beautiful corners of delicate tones of blue, pink, green, yellow. Also for area, you can choose a printed fabric, for example, in small rosettes or hidden picture. Perfectly suited for these purposes, lace fabrics, which has a embossed pattern.
Depending on the intended period of use of the area, you can make it bigger. Generic area of not more than 100x100 cm, as in most cases, children rather quickly translate into a more "adult" clothing options. Thus, for area need material of size 100x100, see If the fabric is narrow, the area will turn slightly less, for example, 90x90 cm in addition, you will need the lace or the sewing of different widths (two harmonious between colors) and narrow satin ribbons.
Vykroyte of a white fabric in small embossed rose square size selected. Place the front of the cloth diagonally on one of the corners of the tab a few strips of lace, for example, 5 cm, sequentially combining white and pink. After this panel the product itself, to advance a little scrugli angle. That area has become more elegant, it is permissible to treat the edges of a double row of laces (one wider, the other narrower).
Take a wide (5 cm) lace of a pink colour, make the entire length of small pintucks, securing them with a Baster. Repeat the same manipulation with a white lace (to 3 cm wide). Align the received workpiece along the entire length, put the narrow part to the wide, and fasten together by basting. Baste the "double" gathered lace around the perimeter of the area (or only on the rounded corner), and then sew it with a serger or machine stitching "zigzag".
As additional decorations perfectly suited narrow satin ribbon pink and white flowers (10 mm wide) that can be folded in the form of small bows and sew them around the perimeter of the area every 10-15 see