Choose a fabric for a pair

For sewing you need a lightweight fabric with a minimum width of 140 cm. Length can be arbitrary, but usually it ranges from 150 to 170 cm. Choose natural materials, they are particularly comfortable to wear. Fit cotton veil, well-dressed flax, natural silk type crepe de Chine. If such a matter you seem to be too expensive and impractical, stick to the viscose or polyester.

Select the appropriate color pair. Ideally it blends nicely with the swimsuit. For example, to the black and white bathing suit can choose a black fabric with turquoise beautifully combined blue and silvery-white - denim blue. Looks impressive and a pair of printed fabric. Small Granny's flowers is unlikely to be suitable, but bright abstract patterns, large prints and variants in the style of "batik" will be very relevant.

About the intricacies of sewing

Try to sew a beautiful dress paired with kulisami. To wear this thing you will be able different ways. Tie it as a skirt, create a sort of overalls or a light beach dress. Select a beautiful fabric with prints. You will need 1.7 meters fabric width 1.4 m. For sewing you need a thin rubber band with a length of 3.5 m, as well as decorative Shoe lace tips (4 pieces).

If you chose the cotton fabric, iron it well iron with steam - after this procedure, a pair will not be seated. The long ends of the fabric fold and baste, and then stitch on the sewing machine. Natural or artificial silk, you can sew by hand, small slanted stitches.

Short edge double fold about 1 cm, and then prostrochite seam. We get two drawstring. The rubber band cut in half and each piece sternite in kulisku with safety pins. To lock the edges of the bands, cover them with decorative finials. Instead of gum, you can use lace or thin ribbon.

How to decorate pareos

To give the pair a more elegant look, you can use additional decor. Attach the fabric to the shiny beads of the right color. Sew them with strong synthetic thread to match the fabric. Instead of beads you can use glass beads or sequins.

Another option for decorating the fringe. Choose a ready-made fringe made of synthetic or cotton threads and sew it along the long edge of the pareo. Please note that the decor is a bit heavier product, so it is more suitable for a pair of not-too-thin fabric.