You will need
  • Mobile phone.
Recharge balance of MTS in debt thanks to the service "Promised payment" and "full trust". Service promised payments allows you to quickly refill the account in credit. When connected to the service "In full confidence" there is no fear of a sudden blocking even with a negative balance.
Using the service "Promised payment" can be borrow at the MTS amount to 800 p. Such a loan will operate seven days. It should be noted that this amount is not available to all. The size of the welcome promised payment depends on the length of use phone number as well as average monthly costs. So, if you spend a month to 300 p., you can replenish their accounts in credit to 200 p, while spending from 300 to 500 p. 400 p., over 501 to 800 R. R.
Another limitation balance at the time of the request for service cannot be less than minus 30 R. If the balance is positive, the subscriber, a default available amount of the promised payment, 50 p.
There are three ways to take the "Promised payment" and recharge MTS in debt. So, it is possible to dial the combination *111*123#call; use Internet Assistant (available in the section "Payment"); to call the number 1113.
If the size of the promised payment less than 30 p., service is free. Otherwise, the fee is 7 p. this amount is deducted from provided the debt amounts. For seven days the debt has to be repaid.
Service "full trust" allows you to go into minus 300 p. this sum is approved as the initial limit. Thus, after six months of usage it can be increased by 50% of the total cost of communication from MTS.
The service is free. The monthly fee is also missing. Connection loan "On complete trust" you need to dial on your phone *111*32# or use your Personal account.
When the service "In full confidence" communication costs must be paid monthly. Payment is due on the bills. A week before the required period of payment the subscriber will receive an SMS indicating the amount and date of payment.