Dial from your mobile phone or "connect-Manager" combination *111*123# and press "Call" to take the promised payment to MTS. In addition, you can use the "Internet Assistant" on the official website of MTS. Go to "Payment", and activate "Promised payment". The third way to connect to the service – call on short number 1113. Follow the voice prompts to enable making calls in advance.
You can take the promised payment to MTS in a particular size. When you select the down payment is less than 30 rubles, the service will be provided free of charge. If you want to use a payment of 30 roubles and more, with mobile account will be charged an additional 7 rubles.
The amount of the granted advance payment may increase over time, if the subscriber actively uses the mobile communication services. If your monthly expenses are less than 300 rubles, the maximum amount of the trust will amount to 200 rubles, from 301 to 500 to 400 rubles, from 501 - to 800 rubles.
To take confidence payment to MTS can subscribers of all tariff plans, except "MTS iPad", "Your country" and "Guest". In this case the subscriber should not pay the bond via deferred payment, use the services of a "Credit" or "full trust" and have one more active the promised payment.
To check active the promised payment dial from your mobile phone *111*1230#. You can also use the "Internet Assistant" or call the number 11131. A reflection of the balance is made in accordance with the subscriber the amount of the promised payment. To repay the advance, it is enough to top up your account in any convenient for the subscriber method. Allowed partial or full repayment of the issued payment.