Probably many of you are familiar with the situation "loss" of connection, especially when leaving the city. And the city can sometimes be interrupted: interruption of signal during conversation, inability to reach other subscribers, etc. so, what are the reasons for "loss" communication? Those are very many: it is the presence of tall buildings with thick walls, and the accumulation of multiple transmitters in the same location (most typical for large cities), and overload the telecommunication systems during rush hours. As you know, high-rise buildings with thick walls are very strong hindrance to cell service. "Crowding" of several transmitters in one place is also fraught: they create mutual interference. All of these problems, with the exception of network congestion can be solved with the help of special equipment. How to solve this problem? The place of disappearance of the signal is commonly called dead zones. In order in this area began optimal reception of the cellular signals, you will need to install additional equipment such as a repeater. Complete devices there are two external and two internal antennas, cable and power supply. The installation and configuration should be performed only by a professional. Using the internal antennas, the repeater transmits signals from mobile phones located in the area of the device. Thus, the repeater creates a single small cell. In its area you can move freely without losing connection. Repeater capable of providing multiple subscribers simultaneously. In the modern market of equipment, you can make an order for an individual repeater, with specific frequency characteristics. Repeater is not harmful to health and is today one of the most effective ways of dealing with dead zones.Restricting the duration of the conversation, which is usually installed by default on every cell phone can also be a cause of the disconnection. For example, if you are talking to someone on the phone 29 minutes, 30 minutes, dialogue will stop (if the constraint relations are established on half an hour). To continue to communicate please call the interlocutor. If all the resources on your phone used up, the connection will be lost. To learn the true cause of the outage, check the balance of your personal account. Quality mobile phone can also affect the signal reception of cellular communication. All phone models have different degree of susceptibility. So, if sensitivity to signals of lower intensity your small telephone, the interruption of the connection you will have to get used to. Subsequently try to get a better model with a higher susceptibility signal.