Why sound disappears?

Sometimes this situation when, after Skype lost sound on the computer. But up to this point everything worked fine. And again came the sound, you have to restart the computer. In such a situation you need to reinstall drivers for sound and driver DirectX. In addition, you need to scan your computer for viruses, this problem can occur because of this. Alternatively, you can try to restore the system to the control point when the sound worked fine.

The sound may skip or be interrupted for another reason – low speed Internet connection. If the sound "floats", it is also connected with the Internet. The only solution in such situation is the transition to a faster rate or change service provider. In addition, there may be a problem in the modem or Wi-Fi router – they may have low bandwidth or not be corrupted.

Problems with the equipment

If during a call on Skype the other person lost the sound, it doesn't work or your microphone or with speakers of the interlocutor. The first thing to do is to determine who is to blame for this problem. For this you need to make a call to another subscriber from your list of contacts. If he can't hear you, the problem lies in your microphone. If he hears you perfectly, then MIC everything is fine and the problem lies in the computer your first companion.

And your companion need to ensure that speakers everything is in order – for example, turn any music file or make a test call the robot on Skype. And to check the speaker settings, go to menu "start" select "control Panel" then go to "Sound" and click 2 times on "Dynamics". You must then go to the "Levels" tab and make sure the volume slider is not at zero. Otherwise, you need to move the slider, for example, to 40. To save changes, click "OK".

If the sound disappears you have, then you need to the same way to test your speakers and microphone of the interlocutor. To disappear and the sound in Skype is also maybe due to the fact that you or your companion badly calibrated microphone. Rather have low volume for microphone. For this you need to check the level of volume by going to 'start – control Panel – Sound – Recording – Microphone". In this window you should set higher microphone volume by moving the slider to the right.