Advice 1: What if when talking on skype lost sound

To determine why the sound disappears, you need to check the sound settings in the system, the speed of the Internet connection and make sure that the computer does not have viruses. In addition, the problems can be due to incorrect microphone settings or speaker.
What if when talking on skype lost sound

Why sound disappears?

Sometimes this situation when, after Skype lost sound on the computer. But up to this point everything worked fine. And again came the sound, you have to restart the computer. In such a situation you need to reinstall drivers for sound and driver DirectX. In addition, you need to scan your computer for viruses, this problem can occur because of this. Alternatively, you can try to restore the system to the control point when the sound worked fine.

The sound may skip or be interrupted for another reason – low speed Internet connection. If the sound "floats", it is also connected with the Internet. The only solution in such situation is the transition to a faster rate or change service provider. In addition, there may be a problem in the modem or Wi-Fi router – they may have low bandwidth or not be corrupted.

Problems with the equipment

If during a call on Skype the other person lost the sound, it doesn't work or your microphone or with speakers of the interlocutor. The first thing to do is to determine who is to blame for this problem. For this you need to make a call to another subscriber from your list of contacts. If he can't hear you, the problem lies in your microphone. If he hears you perfectly, then MIC everything is fine and the problem lies in the computer your first companion.

And your companion need to ensure that speakers everything is in order – for example, turn any music file or make a test call the robot on Skype. And to check the speaker settings, go to menu "start" select "control Panel" then go to "Sound" and click 2 times on "Dynamics". You must then go to the "Levels" tab and make sure the volume slider is not at zero. Otherwise, you need to move the slider, for example, to 40. To save changes, click "OK".

If the sound disappears you have, then you need to the same way to test your speakers and microphone of the interlocutor. To disappear and the sound in Skype is also maybe due to the fact that you or your companion badly calibrated microphone. Rather have low volume for microphone. For this you need to check the level of volume by going to 'start – control Panel – Sound – Recording – Microphone". In this window you should set higher microphone volume by moving the slider to the right.

Advice 2: What to do if there is no sound in the computer

Comfortable operation is possible only on a completely healthy computer. Sometimes you are surprised to notice that the computer has lost sound, this malfunction makes it impossible to listen to music and a view videos.
What to do if there is no sound in the computer
The vast majority of cases, the disappearance of sound due to the installation of any program, system update or install a new version of the OS. If there is no sound, open menu "start" "control Panel," "System" "Hardware" "device Manager".

In the window that opens, expand "Sound, video and game controllers". You will find that one or more devices are highlighted in yellow. This means that the device is not working properly.

The reason of incorrect work of the usual one – lack of the correct driver. Double-click the selected device, you will see a message stating that this device was not installed the drivers. They are usually found on the disk supplied with the motherboard, but may be present on the installation disk with the operating system.

Insert the driver disk into the drive, start the driver reinstallation by clicking "Reinstall". In the window that appears, select automatic installation. Will search for the drivers on the disk, this process can take some time. In case of successful installation you will see appropriate message.

If highlighted in yellow are several devices, search for drivers for each of them. Then restart the computer, the sound should appear. In that case, if Windows didn't find the right drivers on the disk, try to look at each other, even if it's a drive from another build of the operating system.

If you need drivers for your existing drives could not be found, look for them online. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of the sound card, or laptop if you have laptop. Found drivers unzip (if they are Packed) to one of the folders on your hard drive, and then, during the installation process, select "install from a list or specific location" and specify the folder with the drivers.

If after checking the computer you can see that all devices are working fine but no sound, check the audio settings. Open "control Panel", select "Sounds and audio devices - Audio". Is muted or the sliders the adjustment is set to its lowest position. Finally, check the speakers and perhaps the reason for the lack of sound lies in them. To check connect to computer headphones – if the sound is there, it means that the computer is healthy, and the cause of the problem should be sought in the speakers.

Advice 3: What to do if the sound on the Internet does not work

Problems with sound on the Internet has experienced probably every PC user. Someone sound not working on new computer, software or operating system, someone all functioned fine before but one fine morning, in the columns there was silence. But in most cases, the sound disappears for quite natural reasons, and it will not be difficult.
What to do if the sound on the Internet does not work

First, check your speakers or headphones. There are cases when waste contact or simply the cat chews through the wires. Connect them to any audio device with a suitable connector, whether player or cell phone, and check the sound. If in this case it is not, then, most likely, the speakers will have to send either in for repair, or in the trash.

Second, check for updated drivers for your sound card. To do this, right-click the mouse on the icon "My computer" - Properties – Hardware – device Manager. If the icons of the audio devices are yellow exclamation marks, then go to properties and follow the instructions to reinstall the driver. If the device Manager does not display the damage, open control Panel – Sounds and audio devices and look for device input/output. If they are not displayed, install the driver manually from disk or download from the Internet. Model sound card you can also see in device Manager.

If earlier the sound was working, but suddenly disappeared, then you may have a virus on the world wide web and he must as soon as possible to get rid of. Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 from official website, install on your PC and activate the trial version for 30 days. Configure the antivirus scanner to fit your needs and run a full system scan.

Often sound problems are resolved by a simple reinstall audio and video codecs. Most popular and free collection of codecs is K-Lite Codec Pack. Download the updated version and install over the old one. If you just connect to the Internet on a new computer or operating system, it needs to be done first, because without codecs no sound or video will not work properly.

But if the sound is heard only when working in the browser, update your Flash Player or install it if it hasn't been done before. Most Internet players are working on Flash technology and no player not functioning. Please note that various programs to edit audio files or the audio controls on the PC, which minimized to tray, can act uncontrolled in the network. So unplug them and check the sound. This files most often lack a standard mixer from Microsoft, other programs only load the system.

Advice 4: What should I do if my microphone does not work

The non-functional microphone can be caused by a failure of both himself, and the instrument to which it is connected. Also it may not work and when connected to a working, but incompatible, or improperly configured equipment.
What should I do if my microphone does not work

If the microphone is dynamic, first check the position of the switch. Then disconnect the microphone from the socket, and then connect the plug to an ohmmeter. In the switch position the resistance of the voice coil should be several tens of Ohms, and is disabled it should be the switch is shorted. Finding open, the bell separately the cable and voice coil, and find a short, check the switch and also the cable.

Dynamic microphone with plug type DIN may not work if the plug is soldered under the old standard, and the nest - according to the new, or Vice versa. A shared contact in that Jack is always average, but the signal can be both right and left. If necessary, perform the soldering in the plug.

Electret microphone switch has not. Test should be only a digital device, analog because you can burn a field-effect transistor built into the microphone capsule. The resistance between the contacts of the plug should be from 500 to 5000 Ohms, and it can vary depending on the polarity of the probes. If there is an open or short, proceed as described above. If the microphone capsule will have to change the polarity. In the repair of all microphones as dynamic and electret cannot be made perepiski when the plug is inserted in the slot.

The condition of the microphone may not work if the VCR is set to the zero position of the level control recording and karaoke system - you can adjust the sensitivity. Check their position and adjust as necessary. Also the sound can be very quiet if the device is designed for an electret microphone connect a dynamic. The same result is possible by connecting a 3-volt electret microphone inset to a device designed for a 1.5-volt. If the device is designed for dynamic microphone, electret with him will not work at all.

When unhealthy good microphone connected to your computer, first check the settings of the software mixer. Note that mixers of one OS tick can mean the enabled state of the corresponding input, and the other is disabled. In the case that the manipulation of the mixer will not lead to success, check whether the socket is inserted a microphone plug (it should be green). If not helped by it, make sure sound card is working and properly configured.

Advice 5: What to do if you lost Internet access?

Quite often lost access to the Internet . The reasons why this occurs may be different from cable to network connection settings in the operating system. They all require careful study to solve.
What to do if you lost Internet access?
Note: if you don't know how to contact a firm that provides Internet access (the ISP), the chances to solve the problem is much smaller, and can immediately proceed to step 3.

Situations when the Internet is gone for no apparent reason, occur infrequently. First, make sure that the provider You have everything in order, ie no debt for the Internet, as well as Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance by the provider. It is recommended to check the official website provider - often they can get even with zero balance. If the site works, then the problem is in payment or the provider being any work - respecting provider will definitely report this on the website. Call the provider and specify all the information about the payment. A fairly common situation when the user is sure that the funds on the account, but they are out there. Also ask your ISP to check the visibility of your visibility.
If the provider does not see you - try to switch the wire from the router (if included) directly to the computer. If even after that the provider still cannot see your MAC address, it is most likely the problem is in the wire AFTER the router, or RJ-45 connector. In this case, a continuity test of wire and crimped a new wire, it is recommended to talk with the provider about this issue.
In the case that the ISP sees ONLY your computer is most likely the problem is in the router. Try to reset the router to factory settings use the manual for operation. If the reset did not solve the problem - most likely the router is faulty, try to replace.
If the balance is right, your ISP sees your MAC address and no maintenance on his part no - go to next step.
Now check for the local network. To do this, press Win+R on your computer, type the word "ping" and then the address of your nearest on the route of the device. Most often it is the router: if the wire from computer goes to it, then you need to write his address. The most common one is or
If the packets do not go (i.e. no lines appear at intervals of about 1 sec) - check your router, check the condition of the cable and reliability of its connections to the ports on the computer and the router. If everything is in order, but the packets still don't go restart the router. If the packets have successfully delivered to the device, then everything should be fine, Internet was gone because of this.
If not - look on the back of your system unit, most often in the place where is inserted the Internet cable, there is a green lamp. Will not burn or blinks - problem in the network card or its drivers. Try to reinstall the drivers and check its external condition - it could easily burn.
If the light stays on, but the packets still don't go, or packets are normally transmitted to the device, but no Internet, most likely the problem is in the software settings of your computer.
Open the control center network and sharing, locate your active connection, then click properties, then Protocol TCP version 4. The standard and most common integration scheme (ISP - router - computer), the router often he gives out all the right ' for normal operation through DHCP. If it is written some settings in the fields - just in case, write them down, and then select automatic IP settings, and in the fields of the DNS write and This servers Google. They are reliable and always work.
If you absolutely can not imagine the scheme of work antivirus utilities, architecture of the organization network configuration and operation principles of operating systems - refer to a specialist, because subsequent actions without proper knowledge to perform not recommended.

When all else fails and still no Internet - it may be a consequence of the activity of viruses. For starters, you can try to restore the system settings. For this you will need the AVZ, have to download it on another device that has Internet access (preferably from the official site he is often first in search). When will the archive, it is simple enough to unpack, since the program does not require installation, and run the program avz.exe. After click on "File" in the menu bar, then "system Restore".
Mark these on the image items, and then click "Run checked" operation. Then check Internet access.
If You did everything carefully, but still nothing helps - it is recommended to call a specialist, because problem may be in the registry of the operating system and the firmware of the router. At least You can tell the master everything that has already been tried.
All the above methods are not applicable to connection via USB modem and is only partially applicable to ADSL connections.
Useful advice
Is sometimes lost the Internet due to the activity of third-party programs, firewalls or anti-viruses. Try closing all possible programs in background, and to suspend the anti-virus. If access to the Internet there, then by process of elimination you need to establish which program is the problem, then take action.

Also try a different browser.
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