What is the modem

Before choosing a modem to access the Internet, it is important to understand what the device is and how it works. A modem is a device that provides communication with the provider of the Internet access (provider), converting the analog signal to digital, which takes computer. The most stable connection provide such a device that is connected to cable telephony. The work of miniature modems mobile providers not is of good quality, but their popularity is still higher wired counterparts, as they can be used anywhere.

The main reasons for the failures of the modem

Improper connection of the device – cause that is rare, but is still the place to be. When you install the software on your computer user can be done wrong actions, and the modem just won't connect.

If you already implemented access to the Internet with a modem and all of a sudden he became disabled or lost speed reception and transmission, the reason may be zero or close to zero balance on the SIM card of the device. To cope with this problem the easiest way – to make a payment on account.

When the device is connected correctly, the money on his account there, but it doesn't work, the culprits can be a change in the network signal or the lack thereof, weather conditions or problems with the computer. In such cases, need expert help, especially for those users who do not have sufficient knowledge to fix serious problems.

How to determine the cause of the lack of communication

Call the master at home – it's expensive, so many users prefer modems to rectify the situation and solve the problem yourself. Experts recommend such a course of action. First of all, you need to check the connection of modem to computer. If the program appears, but it doesn't connect to network, test signal strength, which shows the icon of the antenna in the window, modem. The next step is to check balance on the SIM card of the device. If with these settings all right, you need to contact a technician of the ISP. His phone number should be listed on the accompanying documents or instructions for using the modem. Call is usually free, so there's no need to rush, you can calmly explain what exactly the problem faced the user when access to the Internet. The technician will help to change the settings if necessary, or will file an application engineer for repairs to the base station.