1. The first and fundamental habit that will help keep the man in bed are considered "dirty" conversations and the ability to talk about sexual desires out loud. First, how a woman can give a man to understand what she wants, and second, your candor during sex turns even the most open minded.

2. Some men also love to see their partner masturbating. Self-appreciation allows you to not only fully explore your body and improve sexual life masturbating in front of a loved one is also a high degree of credibility. In addition, most men find the process remarkably beautiful, so do not deny them this pleasure.

3. Also in the category of trust can be attributed to oral sex – after all, if a woman feels disgust to the genitals of his beloved, he begins to doubt the quality of her love for him. Skilful Blowjob, executed sincerely and with mutual pleasure, guaranteed to prevent the campaign men for the coveted experiences in a different bed – at least in the first years of relations.

4. Good sex always involves an orgasm. Every man considers himself a good lover. If a woman does not get orgasm in bed with a man, he begins to either feel embarrassed about their abilities, or to accuse a partner in the coldness with the subsequent search for a more responsive lady. What to do? One simulation will not last long, so sexologists recommend that women to explore their erogenous zones and do not hesitate to send men in bed in the right direction.

5. The rules of attraction necessarily suggest "playfulness" in private life – for example, a woman can discreetly fondle a man in a crowded place, to surrender to him in the Elevator or other unexpected place and so on. In short, the unpredictable will behave partner, the more a man is interested in a relationship with her.