Unfortunately, some girls think during sex they should be docile and to perform all the whims of the partner. But it is not! The guys wait from the partner of development of its own initiatives, but not always dare to hint at it, so here is the whole responsibility of the girl will have to take on.
The dominance of girls during sex loves huge number of guys, especially spicy would be the pose of "horsewoman". It is important to consider that the faster the girl is moving, the more the expected unrestrained moans of the young man. By nature men are more reserved, but if the sex partner will make him cry – that would mean the highest degree of orgasm, and then, the girl coped with its task.
Some people don't look into the eyes of the person who is next. This is because during eye contact is sometimes impossible to keep the agitation from the beautiful eyes. Girls should use this during sex to look into the eyes of the guy and make sure he also watched the changing facial expressions on the face of the partner.
During sex is in any case can not be silent. The girl, gently whispering in the ear of the guy love words, the most wins: the guy does not just focus on process, but also satisfied the sweet speech of the partner. No matter, he is the first partner or the tenth, the words, "I have never been so good" will quickly bring him to orgasm.
If the guy does not take account of oral sex, this does not mean that the partner should not work language does. The main thing - not to leave aside the erogenous points of the partner. Light sucking of the nipples, earlobes and other body parts will bring him the maximum pleasure.
To fulfill the wishes of guy loving girl should, regardless of whether they like her or not. To please a man – her mission, so even the most unexpected dreams of a loved one should be implemented.