You will need
  • - the manual of a chainsaw;
  • - tachometer;
  • - screwdriver.
Check device chainsawset forth in technical documentation for it. Determine the location of the jets of the carb and the adjustment screws. The standard carb has usually two or three screw controls the fuel mixture adjustment screw idle speed, and screws the jets high and low speed.
To adjust high and low engine speed saw, use the appropriate screws. They regulate the ratio of fuel and air that is determined by the degree of throttle opening. For the lean mixture screw in the corresponding screw clockwise. If necessary, increase the engine speed (i.e. richer mixture), remove the screw by rotating it counterclockwise.
Adjustment of idling speed is also carried out by rotating the right screw. Turn the knob in the direction of clockwise to increase the frequency of idling. To reduce engine speed slowly turn the screw in the opposite direction.
When adjusting the carburetor , keep in mind that the initial stage of operation of a chainsaw is necessary to keep the factory settings. Exposed the factory settings are calculated for a richer mixture. After hours of work the saw can begin to self-adjust the carb.
Run the saw at full speed for 10-20 seconds. Then, Unscrew the needle valve the high speed counterclockwise. Ten seconds with a tachometer check the maximum engine speed and contrast the findings with those specified in the technical passport of the device. Too lean makes the saw "scream"; the excessive enrichment of the mixture of smoke from the muffler.
Observe when you change settings caution since a sharp change in the number of high speed greatly affects the power device and the rotation speed of the circuit. The depletion of hot mix leads to unnecessary, excessive rpm, which can lead to damage to the chainsaw down.