You will need
  • - wrench set;
  • - screwdriver;
  • needle
First and foremost determine the nature of the fault. The most common are: open circuit, no run, a spontaneous shutdown after a short work absence at full capacity and the oil dripping. The first of these breakdowns is eliminated by replacement of the chain. To repair others will require more time.
Check the fuel level in the tank. Be sure to open and close the gas cap, even if you believe in the presence of gasoline. Often, the chainsaw will not start due to clogged breather tube – valve, equalizing the pressure in the tank as fuel consumption. Gently clean the vent with a needle, remove and dry the candle and ventilate the combustion chamber. Try to re-start STIHL.
Check the operation of the trigger mechanism. If it functions properly, remove the candle and close look at it. The presence of traces of fuel on the candle – a sign of a clogged carburetor. In this case, it is necessary to dismantle and clean. The plug fouling is a sign of malfunction of the carburetor or the use of substandard petrol. Adjust the carb or replace the fuel used. Don't forget to check the plug gap and its functionality. If necessary, replace the candle on the new. Also make sure that the air filter is not clogged and is leaking air.
Inspect the cylinder-piston group of the engine of the chainsaw. By construction, the power unit STIHL is very close to the motor scooter. And even the disassembly procedure is simple: remove the 4 screws of the cylinder head and remove the cylinder from the block. Inspect the piston. If it has scratches and chips, replace it. Then inspect the cylinder, which too should be no burrs or scratches. The repaired cylinder bore size under repair, or replacement of the Assembly with the piston.
Inspect and check the condition of piston rings. They should have a tight but loose fit on the piston. Insert the piston into the cylinder and try to rock him, holding his upper point. If it is loose in the cylinder, this is a sign of wear of the piston. This fault is the reason that the chainsaw does not develop full power.
When oil leaks in the chainsaw STIHL check for leaks at the connection of the hose coming from the oil tank to the oil pump. To replace this hose will have to completely disassemble the chainsaw.