You will need
  • - wooden tube
  • - drill
Adjust the position of the floats. To do this, remove the carb and flip it over after disconnecting the bottom of the float chamber. If the floats do not lie in the same plane, bend the base of one of them so that the difference between them does not exceed 0,5 mm.
Install fuel level, bending the float Tang so that the distance from its outermost edge was 26 mm. Note that this figure is applicable for flat terrain, where the height above sea level not over 1000 m In altitude above this level twice, the benchmark is 28 mm.
Adjust the starter. Set the needle to the lowest position. Check out how easy moving the lever on the steering wheel. If necessary, disassemble, lubricate and reassemble it. Install the carburetor in place.
Before adjusting the idle speed warm up the engine to operating temperature. Raise the throttle stop screw to increase the engine speed. The screw of the "quality" of the mix to the end, without effort, and then Unscrew it one and a half turns.
Along the way, check the ease of movement of the throttle in the slots, check that no excessive backlash in the well. A u-shaped inductor allows by flexion and extension of to some extent to eliminate the backlash.
Set the motorcycle on its centre stand, throttle screw gradually lower quantities. Get the frequency of rotation was reduced to the lowest sustainable rate. Then remove the screw "quality" to increase. Again similarly produce a decrease and increase of speed, impoverishing mixture.
After you set a minimum speed to drive the screw "quality" on sex trafficking. This will make the engine idle more stable.
Within the movement of the throttle from 1/3 to 3/4 (at the turn of the throttle or the lift height) on the engine most affected by the needle position. To determine how true it is selected, after about 25km, stop the bike and remove the spark plug.
Note the color of the insulator of the Central electrode. If it is pale gray, raise the metering needle; if it's black, put it. Normal is dark gray or light brown color, indicating that the candle does not overheat.
When selected, the needle position, it will be possible to take care of the greater efficiency of the carburetor. You will need to lower the needle one notch.
The last stage of adjustment – the correct selection of main fuel jet. Measure the maximum speed prescribed in the standard nozzle. Put into the inlet of the carb tube of wood with drilled canalized. Its diameter should be 20% smaller than the diameter of the inlet. If the rate then considerably decreased, - the performance of the nozzle is large, if diminished performance is small. If a significant speed change has not occurred, the nozzle no need to change.