Before you decide to put on your body indelible picture in the memory of somebody really should reconsider. Similarly, if you are sure that's necessary? Sometimes people are happy together, they get tattoos and then change their minds about each other, break up and have to redo or put through a painful procedure. Often the scars remain. If you've decided to ink a tattoo in honor of a loved one, ask what he thinks about it. As practice shows, this idea does not always meet approval, especially from young people who were often hostile to the idea of tattooing the girl.
A good option for tattoo lover – beautiful phrase, pinned any elegant and unusual letters. Elegant cursive handwriting or the original form of the font can decorate your body not worse than jewelry. The inscription is better to choose neutral, even if it is about eternal love. You can write a direct Declaration of love, if you are determined enough.
Lovers, if they are both fond of tattoos can often make similar or matching tattoos as a sign of their feelings. Here, you can allow the imagination to roam. To chop something symbolic, meaning love, for example, hearts, two swans, rings or something like that? Or choose something a lot of meaningful directly for your couple? Can you come romantic symbols, such as a pair of animals: unicorns, tigers, lions, elephants, birds. Plants can also be a symbol of love. It is better to make such tattoo, you never have to change or withdraw if you are with a loved one will ever leave.
Those who make a tattoo in memory of the deceased loved one, often choose something very simple and discreet. In the end, it's a reminder just for myself, such things are not exposed. The first letter of the name on the back of the hand, under the hair or on the neck where the skin is covered with hair: the most simple, yet good solution. It is not recommended to put on body names and portraits of dead people. A good option would be something in the portable sense. Optional specify a name, you can just write any statement that will remind you about this man, but others will not clear.