First the girl need to think carefully - why would she tattoo. Fashion, desire to keep up with friends or make a pleasant beloved – not the right reasons. Fashion is changing, a friend and favorite can stay in the past, and the tattoo if it is permanent, will remain part of your body for life. You should very seriously approach to the selection of pattern for a tattoo. Among the larger of all the finished sketches in the salons of the Eastern themes – ornaments, Chinese characters, dragons, fish, etc. are also Very popular floral and animal motifs – flowers, butterflies, felines, etc. Choose a picture that will give you the positive and be in harmony with your inner world. Not less important problem is the right place for tattoo. Ideally, it should be where if needed you can hide it. It's one thing to show the tattoo at the beach or the disco, and another thing – in the office or visiting mother in law conservative. Particular consideration should be given if you want to make a tattoo on ass and chest. In youth they look very sexy. However, are you sure that it will be later, after birth, for example? Many women want to get a tattoo, fear that it eventually they get bored or won't like me. That is why the masters of the salons often recommend temporary tattoos made with inks for permanent makeup or henna. In the first case the decoration will last you about 5 years, however to get rid of it completely only by using skin resurfacing. Henna tattoos applied without any needles, so they are less traumatic to the skin. But these tattoos wash off in 2-3 weeks. If you want to have a fashionable and elegant, but not too conspicuous a permanent tattoo, make it with white pigment. This tattoo looks especially impressive on dark and tanned girls. The pattern is better to choose the form of exotic plants, flowers and ethnic ornaments. Very nice tattoo looks white on the neck, wrists and ankles of the girl. You do decide on a tattoo? Very seriously consider the choice of the master. In a good salon you will see sterile, clean, disposable gloves on the hands of a specialist, disposable syringes, certificates of conformity of the materials used. Cost of professional services is quite large. But it is not worth saving, giving himself into the hands of dubious master in some basement. The tattoo in this case, it can cost you a ruined health.