The texture region for the application of tattoo is of great importance: on the plane it is easily applied ornament, while the bulges create a relief that can be beat three-dimensional pattern. In addition, it is important will you wear tatuirovka show, or wish to conceal it from others, leaving the right to enjoy her loved one.
The most popular and convenient from the point of view of the relief place for tattoos is the biceps and forearms. It perfectly fits any pattern, from simple patterns to colorful works of art. In addition, this tattoo is easy to hide under shirt sleeves or blouses, for example, if your boss does not approve of such manifestations of self-expression.
Nice tattoo on the ankle, the ankle and the foot, especially girls. Here look beautiful inscriptions and concise patterns. The only drawback tattoo in this area — pain during application and the proximity of the lymph nodes.
The bracelets on her wrists as a tattoo usually choose girls. In this case, the designers imagination is not limited: you can draw like a thin bracelet, and, on the whole hand. But your fingers better not to tattoo: the law enforcement agencies raises many questions, and colleagues will not appreciate your originality.
As for the Breasts, men can make a drawing across the surface. On this part of the body is sufficient space for large-scale works. The main thing — not to go to the "underworld" theme and avoid banal images: the churches, the wings of angels. Interesting look ornaments, passing from the neck to chest to belly. The girls in turn, it is undesirable to make a tattoo on his chest, because this part of the body more than others prone to age changes. So it is just a small figure in the upper part of the chest, collarbones or shoulders.
Tattoo on the back require a lot of talent from the artist, since it is necessary to consider and overcome difficult terrain. Most often, customers are asked to fill some kind of symbolic inscription, hieroglyphs, wings or a stylized pattern.
On the neck expressive look monochrome ornaments, symbols and labels. These tattoos are suitable for both sexes. The only exception is a strict dress code prohibiting the wearing of long hair.
Tattooing the navel, waist, buttocks and hips only makes sense provided that you have a perfect figure, and the complexes are completely absent. Otherwise you risk to over time, anything remotely resembling a drawing and as a result spend a lot of money on removing a tattoo.
Some like intimate tattoo, but it is not less risky than drawing on your eyelids or language. The procedure is extremely painful, and anesthesia is wishing to get a tattoo does not rely on tradition. Besides, many artists refuse to obey such orders, so as not to irritate the skin and mucous membranes.