One picture for two

The picture that becomes coherent only when you are together, is one of the most popular options for a couples tattoo. The vast majority of cases, the lovers prick of variations on the theme of hearts or wedding rings. Simple small tattoos such a plan you can execute on the fingers or wrists. A good master will definitely make sure that the image was formed easily together with your usual gestures, for example, when you hold each other's hands. However, there are more daring options: large tattoo on the body that become into a coherent picture only at close arms.
Try to personalize the tattoo. Focus on existing types, but bring in the drawing of individual items that your tattoo was unique.

A variation of this type of paired tattoos are self-contained pictures, which eventually merge into one story. For example, the key and the lock, nut and bolt, plug and socket, trailing each other shapes, the line of the cardiogram.

Numbers and letters

Inscriptions rightfully compete with drawings. In the case of paired tattoos, the scope for imagination is truly endless. It can be anything, from important phrases and children's names to the birth date or first kiss. The phrase may also be read as a whole when you're around, or be finished each and every of you.

Typically, these tattoos rarely do in Russian, instead of Latin or English. Want the value of the inscription it was clear only two of you - choose a rare language and complex font. The words should be such that you wanted to carry them through life.

Try to put a temporary figure and walk with him for a few months. If you feel comfortable, make a real tattoo.

The same tattoo

The same drawings on the body can be called a lightweight version of the paired tattoo. They don't require you to always be together, don't mean a secret subtext. It can be any image you like. Moreover, you can simply repeat a tattoo of your partner made a long time ago. However, even such a small thing can truly bring you closer.

It is better not to do

One of the worst options - a portrait of a loved one. Quite possibly, there is a wizard that will perform this tattoo elaborately. However, any change on the skin, weight gain, wrinkles, and distorted the face on the tattoo.

No less dangerous are and a more playful pair of tattoos, for example, the characters of popular cartoons. In adulthood, Tom and Jerry or Homer and Marge Simpson will look at least ridiculous.