You will need
  • - baptismal set.
  • - Crimea;
  • - the cross;
First we need to choose godparents. They will be the protagonists during the christening. To choose these people should be based not on friendship and family reasons. It is important to understand that the godparents must become spiritual mentors to your child to explain the basic tenets of Christianity and become a mainstay in joining the faith. Therefore, when choosing godparents, we must rely on the fact whether the person is moral and Orthodox, and also whether it be a personal example for the baby.
Godparents must be sure to learn the prayer "Symbol of faith". I read it during the ritual of baptism. It is advisable to confess and take communion in the Church. Now, in many churches the godparents can go through a small training course, where they recall the basic Church dogmas, and introduce Holy Scripture and responsibilities they will gain. These people should engage in spiritual training of the child, led him to the Church, to take responsibility for his actions. It is believed that if the parents of the kid that's going to happen, godparents must take care of his later life.
For the ritual of baptism the child needs to buy baptismal clothes, she have to be white, allowed a slight edging of embroidery. It is necessary to acquire a towel, you wipe the baby after it is dipped into the font. This towel is called "Crimea", it should be left in the Church. Christening suit will have to be separated from the rest of the clothes, because wearing it any longer. Usually clothes and Crimea buys godmother. Buying cross with a chain and pay the christening takes on the godfather. The amount of payment, but rather donations identifies a specific Church. However, regarding all purchases and expenses must be arranged in advance, because the godparents may not know these traditions or not be able to make such acquisitions.