The password can be protected not only login, but the computer resumes from standby. To set the password via the menu "start", open "control Panel". In the category of "user Accounts", select the same name of the icon or the task "Change an account".
In the opened window, select the Administrator account of the computer. After the window refreshes, click the left mouse button on the instructions of "create a password". In the first field that appears, enter the password that will be required on each boot of the operating system.
In the second field enter the password coined again. Remember that in this case are case-sensitive. The third field is for password on. If you don't need it, you can leave the field blank. Click on the "Create password".
The window refreshes and you are prompted to make your personal files and folders. If you are the only user of the machine, this precaution will be unnecessary. Click on the "No." Create a password to be completed.
When the computer is idle for a certain time, the screen goes blank. To bring it out of this mode, press any key or move the mouse. If you want the PC output this mode is requested the password, call the component "display Properties".
On the "control Panel" select "appearance and themes" and "icon Display" or right click mouse on any blank area of the desktop and select from the drop-down menu item "Properties".
In the dialog box, click the tab "Screensaver" and set the marker in the field "password Protection" under "energy Saving". Apply the new settings. This option will only work if the computer selected any screensaver.
On the same tab click on the "Power" button, a new window will open "power options Properties". Go to the "Advanced" tab and set the marker in the field "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby". Click "Apply" and close the window.