To disable the screen keyboard, do the following.
Go to the menu and click "Options".
Then go to "task Manager".
Then click "Installed applications".
Then select the desired application and click Options.
Select application settings in the opened contextual window.
Find the on-screen keyboard and press "Disable".
Click OK.
To disable the onscreen keyboard in Windows perform the following steps.
Go to "control Panel".
In the search box type "Windows features".
Or just go to "Programs/features on and Off".
Find "Tablet PC optional components".
Uncheck the box standing next to them.
Click OK.Then restart the computer, now the onscreen keyboard will not appear.
After carrying out the above actions on-screen keyboard will be disabled. Now you will have the opportunity to work on the computer or playing on your phone, using the whole screen, because the on-screen keyboard took his quarter.