How to make a portal to hell

To create the building need blocks of obsidian, it will be enough 12-14 pieces. Obsidian is mined in the dungeon with the help of diamond pickaxe. There is another way — you need to find lava and fill it with water. When the blocks are ready, they need to be put on top of each other, 5 in height and 4 in width. The corners units, there can be no — better to save valuable material.

You will also need a metal ingot that you want to smelt iron ore in the stove. Combining it with silicon, you can get a lighter and use it to set fire to the obsidian. As soon as the internal part of the portal will be painted in purple color with swirls — the portal to hell, Minecraft 1.5.2 ready.

Creation of a portal on the Edge in Minecraft 1.5.2

The portal dragon is actually ready to activate just need to find it and paste the eyes into the empty holes of the frame. The first thing to kill a stranger Territory and to create from the drop-pearl Eye. It is better to stock up on a few eyes, because during the search, they may disappear. To create the Eye also need a fire powder, it can be found in the dimension of the Lower edge. Hell of Ifrit drops a fiery rod, and it should create fire powder.

When the Eye is ready, it should be taken in hand and press the right mouse button. It will rise and fly towards the fortress. If your Eye fell, it should raise and re-send on a quest. When the fortress will be found, will only have to get to the room with the destroyed portal and activate it.

Making a portal to heaven in Minecraft

To create the entrance to this dimension you need to download the portal in Minecraft, a mod AetherMod. The portal to heaven is made of glowing stones, you need at least 12 blocks. To get them, you need 4 units of luminous dust from the Bottom of the world or enchanted pickaxe Silk touch".

Of the three metal ingots creates a bucket, he poured plain water from a river or pond. When the portal will be complicated inside to pour the water and it is activated.

How to make a Minecraft portal to the Twilight forest

If you have already installed the Twilight Forest modification, you can begin creating a twilight portal. It looks like 12 blocks of land, laid out a rectangle on a flat surface. In each unit you need to plant flowers, inside and pour water from metal buckets that are generated from three bars. For activation you will need a diamond thrown inside the frame.