Place on the bench paper in all cells, except the Central, in the centre, place the compass. This way you can make a map in Minecraft. But that's not all.
Make a map in Minecraft
For those who don't know how to create a compass. In the center is placed the red dust in the cells on the sides and top and bottom are placed the iron bars. Here and ready compass.
To make a compass in Minecraft
To make a map in Minecraft enough, you should be able to use it. To activate it, pick it up and immediately see how it emerges surrounding area.
Map when it is already full, you can expand. On the workbench, place the card in the Central cell. Around it place the paper around the perimeter. In the end, there will be a "fog of war". This can be done several times, significantly increasing the amount of the card.
Expand the map in Minecraft
A few words about the copying card. If you need someone to share the knowledge, you can do the following. Create an empty map, place the original on the workbench in the center, and an empty place in any adjacent cell. In the end we get 2 identical cards filled. The number of ingredients can be increased. Throw a copy of the map by pressing the Q button while the card is in the hands.
Copy the map in Minecraft
You managed to make a map in Minecraft, it is unlikely with that knowledge, you now get lost. Remember, however, that the components for crafting are very expensive, not worth them anywhere and everywhere to carry with them — put everything in the trunk, taking a hike only what you need.