The only way to get into a new world in Minecraft – opening the portal. Some portals are natural, that is they are in the game. To get them, you need to find them. An example is the portal to the edge (end) in Minecraft. Others have man-made structure (to the player). They are portals to heaven and hell. Their construction required not only different materials, but the extra mods in the game.

In Minecraft you can make portals to hell, heaven, the edge (end) to find a new rare breed. However, be careful, moving into new territory, as these worlds can be dangerous.

To in Minecraft to make a portal to heaven will need a stone glowstone. It is necessary to build a frame 4 by 6, and then pour the water from the bucket to activate the portal. Glowing stone you can collect by visiting the hell of Minecraft.

To do in Minecraft portal to hell from obsidian. To get this stone you need to dig two blocks of land, fill them with water and lava, and then break with a diamond pickaxe. To activate the portal, you need to burn it with a lighter.

To do in Minecraft end portal (edge) is not necessary, it is necessary to find and complete. To search for and construction of the portal, you need the eyes of undermenu. They need to make fire from sticks, which have been taken away from blazers and pearls undermenu. For portal search should throw an eye enermena, until it falls down. This place should be digging and find the cave.

After a thorough examination of the cave, where you can find a variety of useful things, is found a small room with lava and spawners, which should be killed. After descending from the steps can do the portal region in Minecraft. To activate it, you need to put on each frame unit of the portal to the eye of anderov, only then can we get to the edge.

For the possibility of building some portals, e.g., portal to Paradise, requiring the installation of additions to the game - mods. To build a portal to heaven in Minecraft, download mod Aether.