How to make a city in Minecraft

To build a town portal, you need to find or make the settlement, otherwise the meaning of the construction of the portal disappears.

If the server is open to creative mode to build the city, open your inventory, locate among the available items egg of brown color, throw it on the ground, so that it hatched a resident of the settlement. The larger the city the game you want to build, the more you will need eggs.

When you see the desired number of civilians you can go away for a while and do other useful things. Through the day, go back to the place where he was broken eggs, there are civilians erect a city.

For the construction of town portal without mods the settlement itself do not have to build, it can be found, traveling to the game. On the plains or in the desert you can find a ready-made settlement mobs with wooden or sandy homes. This is the place to do the portal.

Also, below the map of the city appeared, in the key generator Minecraft world to enter kedengkedeng.

How to make a town portal in Minecraft

The portal need to ensure that you can move quickly from one point to another.

To build it emboss in the center of town four blocks in the ground, surround this place blocks one type of stone, and the place of the removed blocks will place the stones of a different kind. If you do all of the same material, the town portal will not work.

Naturally, to teleport to another location out of town need to have not only the entrance portal and the exit. Find a place outside the city (or in another village) and make it exactly the same portal.

How to activate the portal in the city

To activate the portal to the city, made without mods, take the clock, move the bottom blocks the entrance to the portal, click the right mouse button on it. If you did everything right, you will see how the water flow and fill the entrance.

Navigate to previously built the portal and continue the same process.

Thus, you have got to make a town portal in Minecraft, you will now be able to move from the village in one click.

Don't forget to strengthen your portal on the way out so you are not attacked immediately after the teleportation.