Advice 1: How to make a town portal in Minecraft without mods

Fascinating sandbox game Minecraft has won thousands of fans around the world. It is possible to create of cube elements of different things to build houses, make portals, to fight, to make friends and communicate. To make your trip become more fun, learn how to make a town portal in Minecraft.
How to make a town portal in minecraft without mods


How to make a city in Minecraft

To build a town portal, you need to find or make the settlement, otherwise the meaning of the construction of the portal disappears.

If the server is open to creative mode to build the city, open your inventory, locate among the available items egg of brown color, throw it on the ground, so that it hatched a resident of the settlement. The larger the city the game you want to build, the more you will need eggs.

When you see the desired number of civilians you can go away for a while and do other useful things. Through the day, go back to the place where he was broken eggs, there are civilians erect a city.

For the construction of town portal without mods the settlement itself do not have to build, it can be found, traveling to the game. On the plains or in the desert you can find a ready-made settlement mobs with wooden or sandy homes. This is the place to do the portal.

Also, below the map of the city appeared, in the key generator Minecraft world to enter kedengkedeng.

How to make a town portal in Minecraft

The portal need to ensure that you can move quickly from one point to another.

To build it emboss in the center of town four blocks in the ground, surround this place blocks one type of stone, and the place of the removed blocks will place the stones of a different kind. If you do all of the same material, the town portal will not work.

Naturally, to teleport to another location out of town need to have not only the entrance portal and the exit. Find a place outside the city (or in another village) and make it exactly the same portal.

How to activate the portal in the city

To activate the portal to the city, made without mods, take the clock, move the bottom blocks the entrance to the portal, click the right mouse button on it. If you did everything right, you will see how the water flow and fill the entrance.

Navigate to previously built the portal and continue the same process.

Thus, you have got to make a town portal in Minecraft, you will now be able to move from the village in one click.

Don't forget to strengthen your portal on the way out so you are not attacked immediately after the teleportation.


Advice 2: How to make a Minecraft car no mods

Most users of the game Minecraft want to move around the worlds rapidly. For this they need a transport like a machine. Of course, many have the question how to make a Minecraft car with no mods.
How to make a minecraft car no mods


Is it possible to make a car in Minecraft without mods

Technically to build a machine in the game the creators did not foresee. However, there are many bugs and glitches due to which the creation of the car possible. You can also move on the pig using a saddle. In recent game updates, there were even horses.

However, to make a beautiful and functional machine, still need to install add-ons to the game.

In Minecraft how to make a car no mods

To crafted machine without installing mods, you need to put each other two rows of three block of any material. In front of a wall of blocks you want to place the rails, but they put the cart. The blocks should hang torches, imitating the headlights. The trolley you need to put a saddled pig. Before the rails need to be broken. The trolley will be powered by pig. To manage such a machine is possible by pressing the right mouse button.

How to make a Minecraft car with the mod

For crafting a good auto you need to install The car mod.

To build the machine you need to stock up on two pistons, red dust, two torches, an oven, four pieces of iron, chest, and sixteen pieces of skin.

For the manufacture of motor cars need to put in the window craft the piston in the region of the middle row, center to place the red dust in the bottom corners to put the torches in the Central cell of the last row of the oven.

For crafting wheels in the center of the craft to put a piece of iron, and around eight pieces of leather. Two actions you can get four wheels of the car.

To do in Minecraft machine (without using mods), you need to put the engine, the trunk, two pieces of iron on wheels.

Advice 3: Like in Minecraft to make the map

In the world of Minecraft and in the real world, without a map you can get lost. With this object, you can go far, exploring the world, and then the marks get back. Today we talk about how in Minecraft to make the map.
Make a map in Minecraft
Place on the bench paper in all cells, except the Central, in the centre, place the compass. This way you can make a map in Minecraft. But that's not all.
Make a map in Minecraft
For those who don't know how to create a compass. In the center is placed the red dust in the cells on the sides and top and bottom are placed the iron bars. Here and ready compass.
To make a compass in Minecraft
To make a map in Minecraft enough, you should be able to use it. To activate it, pick it up and immediately see how it emerges surrounding area.
Map when it is already full, you can expand. On the workbench, place the card in the Central cell. Around it place the paper around the perimeter. In the end, there will be a "fog of war". This can be done several times, significantly increasing the amount of the card.
Expand the map in Minecraft
A few words about the copying card. If you need someone to share the knowledge, you can do the following. Create an empty map, place the original on the workbench in the center, and an empty place in any adjacent cell. In the end we get 2 identical cards filled. The number of ingredients can be increased. Throw a copy of the map by pressing the Q button while the card is in the hands.
Copy the map in Minecraft
You managed to make a map in Minecraft, it is unlikely with that knowledge, you now get lost. Remember, however, that the components for crafting are very expensive, not worth them anywhere and everywhere to carry with them — put everything in the trunk, taking a hike only what you need.

Advice 4: How to make a portal to the city without mods in Minecraft

In the game "Minecraft" the player has the opportunity to visit parallel worlds, you can get there with the help of special portals. When using mods, the number of worlds and portals increases. However, to play in the ordinary world and use portals to Hell or game Ender, fashion is not needed.
How to make a portal to the city without mods in Minecraft

Without using any mods, you can build the portal from any place on the map of the city. The essence of such a portal is that: to get from the ordinary world into a gaming Hell, the player can use any portal, but you teleport out of Hell back it will always return to the portal created by the first.

How to make a city in Minecraft

First you need to create or find a settlement. Existing villages can be caught in the desert or on the plains, we can only find one. You can build your city in order to do this, you need inventory to find a brown egg and throw it on the ground in the chosen place for the construction. From the egg hatches a resident of the village. The bigger the city you want to build, the more eggs you want to use.

When the desired number of residents recruited, the player can leave and do other things while the inhabitants erected a new city. Through the day you can return – the city will be ready.

How to make a town portal in Minecraft

When the city found or created, you can start building the portal. First you need to create a portal from city to gaming Hell. The important point is that this should be the first portal to Hell built player on this map.

For the construction of the portal to the lower world need the obsidian. It is possible to get if you pour water at the lava. The player will need to have a bucket of water and a diamond pickaxe (weaker obsidian not to break) and go underground. Flooding the land with lava, you can proceed to the extraction of the blocks, which will require 20 pieces.

Coming out of the dungeon, you can start building. At the place you need to make a monument with a size of 4 by 6 blocks. The portal is ready, it remains to activate it. This will require flint and a bar of flint, which is created from flint. With it you can activate the portal by clicking with the right mouse button.

The player has created using the portal to teleport to hell, and to equip the portal with some non-combustible material. Then return to the ordinary world and go to his home (or any place where you need to build a town portal) and create another portal to Hell.

How to activate the portal in the city

The portal is ready, you can use it. In order to move from the house to the city, should enter the portal to Hell, it will take the player to the lower world. There the player comes out of the portal and re-enters it. The portal takes the player to the normal world is the portal, which was built first, that is in the city.

If desired, the player can create several portals to Hell all over the County, they will teleport it to the same point of the lower world, from which he will return to his first built the portal.

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