Portals in Minecraft

In the game Minecraft there are various portals, such as heaven, hell, other worlds and space. Space exploration is quite dangerous, but will bring you additional rewards. Portals to heaven and hell will help you find the rare ore.

A portal to Paradise same as the portal to hell is man-made, i.e. it can be build independently. For man-made portal to heaven you need some way to build units. Only after that the portals become workers. Keep in mind that portals is not possible to obtain a monster as a drop.

How to make a portal to heaven

To build a portal to Paradise (aether) in the game Minecraft, you'll need: blocks the glowing stone, the Paradise lighter, designed to activate the portal.

Original build classic portal, which consists of 4 blocks on top, bottom and 3 units on each side. The portal to heaven is built according to the same scheme as the portal to hell. Portal to Paradise is being built very quickly.

In the future, you need to activate the portal below came the manna, with a lighter. For lighters will need to choose a gold ingot and 1 flint. Go to workbench, select the flint and gold and get the lighter.

Move the resulting lighter to the portal and activate it with a click of the mouse. After you build a portal to heaven it must be checked. To do this, wait for the download world, go to Paradise and check the portal.