Download and become on computer mod Twilight Forest. This will allow you to build a portal to visit the huge, entirely covered with trees, a new world -twilight forest. Without mods , the construction is, unfortunately, impossible.

As a huge crown almost completely shut the world from the light of the sun, there are almost always dark.

In the mysterious forest of giant trees you can find caves, hiding from prying eyes the mountain of treasures and jewels, who are guarding a terrible and dangerous monsters.

Why you need a portal in the twilight forest in Minecraft

Twilight forest is below the main game world.

It came new biomes, each of which grow various trees whose seeds can also be found in the forest for cultivation.

Since this world is very ancient, in it you will find old buildings and ancient ruins left over from existed here thousands of years ago civilizations.

In the twilight the forest landscape is mostly flat, but in some places you will find the hills. Part of the hills has a hollow structure. In these caves stored wealth concealed a dark veil and guarded by monsters, goblins and ghosts, spiders.

Also, opening a portal to twilight forest, you will be able to get into a huge maze, and passing to the center, to untold riches.

In the forest you will also encounter strong and cruel bosses Naked. To fight them, you need to pump your character and get weapons.

How to make a portal to the Twilight Forest in Minecraft

After installing the mod you can start building the portal.

Dig a hole in the ground the size of 2 by 2 block of depth in a single layer. Take a bucket and fill it with water, fill your hole in the ground.

To activate the portal in the twilight forest, drop into the water diamond.

As when activated, a lightning bolt appears, move slightly to the side.

If the water shone in purple, so you have got to make a portal in the twilight forest in Minecraft.

Don't forget deprivatise your territory, so no one can assign a building, or leaving yourself.